Florida High School "Crisis Actor" Conspiracy Theory - David Hogg

in conspiracy •  2 years ago 

Deemed "inappropriate or offensive to some audiences" on YouTube, this is last night's show uncensored for DTube and Steemit. Long live the blockchain!

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This video wad removed from YouTube almost immediately.

Indeed. At least here we can actually discuss about it. It's weird to not have prying hands rip this type of content away. People who believe he was an actor AND those who think he really was a student both can keep these videos up voted so that the discussions can continue. It actually feels quite civilized!

So what was the verdict? IMO he seems like he may be an actual student, and not necessarily a crisis actor... But that doesn't mean he's not a willing participant in what appears to be a very questionable / staged event

Absence of censorship, both the main plus and the main minus of DTUBE. But, more plus than minus.

Отсутствие цензуры, одновременно главный плюс и главный минус DTUBE. Но, больше плюс, чем минус.