Phil Schneider’s Controversial Life and Death

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Whistleblower on Deep Underground Military Bases (D.U.M.B.s), the Grays, alien technology, alien agenda, Dulce New Mexico. He was assassinated a few months after his last speech.

"Philip Schneider’s life certainly proved to be as controversial as his death. He was born on April 23, 1947 at Bethesda Navy Hospital. Phil’s parents were Oscar and Sally Schneider. Oscar Schneider was a Captain in the US Navy who worked in nuclear medicine and helped design the first nuclear submarines. Captain Oscar Schneider was also part of Operation Crossroads, which was responsible for testing nuclear weapons in the Pacific at Bikini Island.

In one lecture taped in May 1995, Phil claimed that his father was also involved in the infamous Philadelphia Experiment. Phil claimed to be an ex-government structural engineer who was involved in building underground military bases (DUMB) all over the country, and to be one of the only three people to survive the 1979 incident between the alien Grays and US military forces at the Dulce underground base.

Philip Schneider had been on lecture tour for two years prior to his death talking about government cover-ups, black projects and UFOs. In his lectures, he talked about the Greada Treaty."

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"In 1979, Phil Schneider was employed by Morrison-Knudsen who had him building an addition to the deep underground base in Dulce, New Mexico. Four holes were drilled in the desert that were to be linked together with tunnels. Phil’s job was to go down the holes, check for rock samples and recommend explosives to deal with the particular rock.

During this process, the workers accidentally opened a large artificial cavern that was a secret base for the Tall Grays. Panic ensued that resulted in the death of sixty-seven workers and military personnel. Phil was one of only three people to survive. Phil claimed that scars on his chest were the result of being struck by an alien weapon that later resulted in cancer due to radiation.

In 1987, Phil Schneider married Cynthia Marie Drayer Simon. They met in June 1986 at a meeting of the Oregon Agate and Mineral Society. Cynthia mentioned years later that Phil had so many interesting stories and so much information to share.

Unfortunately, their marriage had difficulties. Cynthia claimed that Phil’s health problems contributed to their break up. Phil had multiple health concerns, such as chronic lower back pain and multiple Sclerosis. Occasionally, Phil had to use crutches, a body brace, leg braces, bladder bag, catheter, diapers and wheelchair. He also had Osteoporosis and cancer in his arms a swell as hundreds of shrapnel wounds, a plate in his head with a metal fragment in his brain and fingers missing from his left hand. There was a scar that ran down from the top of his throat to below his belly button, and another scar that ran from under his ribs, side to side.

Phil had numerous amazing stories, and one of his stories was his father’s involvement with the Philadelphia Experiment. When Phil’s father died in 1993, he discovered original letters in his basement that proved that the Philadelphia Experiment actually happened. It also proved that Oscar Schneider had been a participant after the crew members had been quarantined in Virginia psychiatric ward. Captain Schneider autopsied the bodies of the crew members as they died and found alien implants in their arms, legs, behind their eyes and deep inside their brain. The implants had to have been alien in nature, and the small “transistor” like item was discovered before transistors had been invented. Here was evidence that either by accident, or on purpose, aliens were involved with the Philadelphia Experiment and may have been responsible for its failure.

Despite the fact that Phil’s claims seemed too wild or disturbing to be true to the AVERAGE investigator, he believed in what he was saying. Phil claimed his life was in danger for revealing the truth. He borrowed a gun from his friend, Ron Utella, stating that he felt that he needed protection because there had been several attempts on his life. For example, his car had been run off the road several times. Ultimately, Phil’s safeguards weren’t enough to keep himself alive. He was found dead on either January 10 or 11, 1996."

Phil Schneider Death Photos:

"While examining Phil’s body, Cynthia couldn’t shake that something was off. Cynthia was soon contacted by Detective Randy Harris who said that something was wrong because there were marks on Phil’s neck. An autopsy report revealed that a rubber hose was tied around Phil’s neck three times and then tied in a knot, which blocked blood-flow to his head resulting in him becoming unconscious and then dying.

More surprising was that Cynthia discovered that Phil’s lecture material, unknown metals, military photographs and all notes for his unwritten book on UFOs were missing from his apartment. However, money and valuables remained untouched. And when he was found in his apartment, Phil’s body was in an unusual position. His feet were under the bed, his head was in a wheelchair seat at an unusual angle and the rest of his body was on the floor, hands by his side. Blood was found on the floor near his wheelchair but no blood was found on his wheelchair. No wounds were on his body to account for the blood. No suicide note was ever found.

Mark Rufener, a long time friend of Phil said,

`I saw Philip the weekend of January 6 and 7th 1996. We were going to buy land in Colorado. We were excited because he was going to hire me to help write a book about his knowledge on UFOs and aliens, the One World Government, and the Black Budget. He did not commit suicide, he was murdered and it was made to look like a suicide.`

Phil’s ex-wife believes he was murdered. She believes that Phil was met by someone he knew and injected with a drug in order to incapacitate him. The assailants then wrapped a rubber hose around his neck, asphyxiating him. Several friends told Cynthia that they saw Phil with an unknown blond-haired woman several weeks before he died. Several times this same individual was seen or talked about and her mysterious presence only leads one to wonder if she had anything to do with his “suicide”. Several people with psychic abilities have indicated that Philip did not commit suicide, but was murdered (some=5 people: 4 men and 1 woman).

Was Philip Schneider murdered for revealing the truth? The evidence certainly points in that direction."

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