Why The U.S. Wants Venezuela To Collapse - My Interview with Eva Golinger [VIDEO]

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Eva Golinger was a friend and confidante to Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. She authored "The Chavez Code" which revealed that the U.S. helped create the 2002 coup to try to bring Chavez down. (It failed.) Anyway, Venezuela is seeing a lot of economic problems right now and - surprise surprise - the U.S. has a hand in it. But that does not mean there aren't corrupt officials in the country. No one knows this subject better than Eva Golinger. Hope you enjoy our conversation.

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Very simple! The Venezuelan Pres. is pretty weak in terms of: media, money and influence. If you have strength like that, the US would struggle to destabilize a country like: Russia, China, Philippines, Iran, North Korea, you name it.

Hi Lee, a powerful indictment of U.S. imperialism. Lets face it the CIA has been at the forefront of trying to overthrow the government of Venezuela ever since Chavez came to power. His anti-imperialist and pro-worker agenda made him a target for being overthrown.

There are strong parallels between what is being done to Venezuela and what the U.S. has done to Cuba since 1959 when Castro and co came to power.

This is all in sharp contrast to the coup in Honduras that the U.S. was involved in. I believe crooked Hilary was involved in making sure the deposed lefty president was not allowed to return to office.

I hope the workers and rural poor rise up as they have done in the past to defend their country from a return of a pro-American regime that would dramatically worsen life for the impoverished masses.

Off the dollar and now crypto mining. Enemy of State.

You have to be quite cynical or have taken advantage of the situation by any means to assume that the bad situation in Venezuela (my country) was caused by the instability of Nicolas Maduro, the late President Chavez (actually dead in December 2012) affirmed by prestigious journalists, from the beginning of his first government he pointed to the failure of a great nation taking advantage of the success of the oil company, painting it in red and pretending to show that PDVSA's numbers were the product of his management and not the product of work from previous governments. Chavez showed his dictatorial face from the beginning, a high percentage of private companies of high caliber were arbitrarily closed for "reasons of public utility" which today belong to the state, many of them bankrupt being used as what in my country we call companies of "briefcase" to be able to obtain dividends of the act that more riches has given to the leadership of Chavez since its establishment, The exchange control of international currencies imposed in venezuela in order to control the flow of dollars product of oil revenues. Eva Golinger was a faithful servant of Chavez who, as we also say in my country, "every thief judges for his condition" just followed Castro's guidelines to infiltrate the Cuban Mandate in Venezuela.

The United States of America with the administration of President Trump do not attend to political issues when dealing with the sanctions applied to some public officials who have distributed on their behalf riches throughout the North American territory without being able to justify where they obtained these riches (many of them they are the product of business with drugs and money laundering), in addition The United States deals with criminal matters when it comes to punishing people who retain power in order to protect their wealth under the guise of rulers. United States seeks to sink a dictatorial regime violating human rights, assassin, with ties to terrorism and the drug business throughout the world, the United States, the European Union and countries of Latin America seek to sink an authoritarian regime not to a nation or a people. The confusion arises from the fact that through state policies related to the nation are used to finance personal agendas of government people, such as the embezzlement of PDVSA, the creation of Petro is another example, a desperate attempt to obtain dollars in liquidity to continue filling their coffers and to continue buying diplomatic support for a regime in which nobody believes only Russia, Cuba and China three countries that benefit from it. Thats the reality. Those are the Facts.


Quote:"public officials who have distributed on their behalf riches throughout the North American territory without being able to justify where they obtained these riches"
Can you give a linky to examples or anything more in-depth, concrete or something? I've never seen anything terribly convincing, although I don't really look for it.

Quote:"United States seeks to sink a dictatorial regime violating human rights, assassin, with ties to terrorism [...]"
Ties to what terrorism? Dictatorial in what terms? Do they subvert the will of the people with their elections? With their state owned TV station that has laughably low ratings? Perhaps they finance political ads with state money or dark money? Ok, these questions aren't fair, but I am somewhat skeptical. Elections in Russia is one thing, but Venezuela doesn't really have many signals of authoritarianism, or as overt, although when one side decides not to vote or even observe the vote, I can't quite tell. I hear many political opponents have been banned. That is indeed worrisome. But one should expose why the current leaders are bad with concrete specifics. Banning political opponents would be a sign of weakness and dictation if they HADN'T instigated a coup and cost human lives and looking like dictators themselves in the process. So, that weak point is arguably a weak argument.
"[...]and the drug business throughout the world"
Do they grow a lot of coca over there? What about Colombia? The number one favourite currency of the drug trade is the American dollar. How much access does the Venezuelan regime have to dollars right now? Every country in South America is deep in shit and gangs. It's worth saying however that the murder rate is way too high in Venezuela, especially in Caracas. I wonder how they even noticed the dead protesters with all the murders that must've gone on while they were protesting(and looting and burning blacks)! I can't respect any country or leader who has a murder rate that high. Perhaps the gangs are too powerful. I bet the gangs have a big influence on politics in Venezuela or if they exist in symbiosis. What are they doing to fight crime? Anyway, it could be coca, or it could be CIA tomfoolery or just Colombia and their oligarchs trying to take over.

Quote:"a high percentage of private companies of high caliber were arbitrarily closed for "reasons of public utility" which today belong to the state"
I don't see how this is a problem. Perhaps if the state didn't pay for it, it would be pretty suspect. The people and the companies are compelled to follow the law in each country. If politicians are using this for nefarious ends, well I recommend they be thrown out of office by the will of the people WITHOUT violence. You also don't mention what kind of companies. It could be the electric utility or water company which is charging huge fees with monopoly and sending it oversees, or a friendly neighborhood coffee shop that didn't pay the "protection fee" to the mayor or something.

Quote:"Eva Golinger was a faithful servant of Chavez who, as we also say in my country, "every thief judges for his condition" just followed Castro's guidelines to infiltrate the Cuban Mandate in Venezuela."
I don't quite understand. Cuba doesn't have elections, freedom of expression and so forth and arguably they are doing better than Venezuela. The funny thing is, all this instability is making fascism and a pure communist system like Cuba or China look like a better strategy for stability and continued survival than a hybrid of capitalism, socialism and communism with general freedom of thought such as Venezuela has (or I claim has, since I'm not an expert).

Quote:"United States seeks to sink a dictatorial regime"
Perhaps I should introduce you to Honduras. Anyway, it's hard to say whether that is their real and only goal. As a great mind and neocon Robert Kagan once said:"We are not an unselfish nation. We also take actions that are in our self-interest and sometimes we blend the two, we blend our idealistic motives and our self-interested motives that we're a nation of human beings and human beings are selfish people."
In any case, the Americans are terribly shit at helping anyone. They will wreck the place. Don't ever doubt that. They are simply too stupid, too rough or too cold as ice to "help" anyone except their own agenda. They won't win medals for helping the people anyway, only if they increase security, wealth and stability of their own regime.

I recommend reading https://venezuelanalysis.com/ANALYSIS/13736
It tells a remarkable story, one where even experts don't agree with some of the sanctions imposed on Venezuela and its state actors/assets. The people could suffer and die. But sanctions on individuals are good and much more effective, so I don't think those are bad.


In three simple points I can clarify your questions.

  1. CIA and European intelligence agencies have managed to detect links between the Venezuelan government and groups identified with the FARC, the ELN, ETA and Hezbollah, led mainly by the vice-president Tarek El Aissami, along with many personalities coming from the ancestry of the Middle East, together with the public and notorious fact that caused the Venezuelan regime to order the expulsion of the Venezuelan Tv the CNN Hispanic branch "CNN in Spanish" by a special program in which the result of an investigation was shown that many terrorists and characters related to hezbollah possess Venezuelan diplomatic passports which can only be granted by Venezuelan authorities. This special called "passports in the shade" was the straw that broke the camel's back for a regime that did not even bother to deny such a profound investigation.

  2. Dictatorial because it is true if they hold elections but only when the national electoral council responds to the interests of the governing party, and the best way to prove it is that of its 5 rectors in charge, 4 belong to the governing party and one is impartial does not even play any opposition party The biggest problem of all this is that last year by constitutional mandate touched to make the change of this council through the congress elected by the people. I know you will say "a congress elected by the people under the mandate of this council" I participated in that electoral process and there were quite a lot of struggles we had to take to avoid cheating, they closed centers suddenly with people in line waiting to vote, in other parts where there were supporters of the regime reopened centers to allow other people who had already voted to do it again with other IDs the worst is that all this was done with the protection of military and police forces. That they have refused to change this council to establish it in a balanced and fair way 2 supporters of governments, 2 supporters of opposition and 1 impartial rector with understanding on both sides is what shows that they intend to make elections today and tomorrow and always but do not want to lose nor are they willing to compete with normal conditions because they would lose very badly and they would have to go to arms to avoid leaving power. I invite you to investigate when constitutionally mandated to make the change in the council and you will not find any reason why it has not been done.

  3. Assassins because if you enter the country you will find in the hoods several armed groups (bearing in mind that in Venezuela civilians can not carry weapons at present) that "defend the people" and that they identify themselves as "collectives of peace, "these groups have in their account hundreds of deaths in all days of demonstrations that have occurred in Venezuela, the alarming thing is that there has not been justice yet and has not even intended to carry out the disarmament of these criminal groups . Murderers because two and a half months ago he ran around the world the videos and images of how the regime with all the weight of his force executed if, you hear it well, He executed 14 people who were hiding in a house with an army group of more than 100 men, two tanks and weapons of war such as the RPG, this group was a group of military deserters who opposed the government, by law should be arrested, however there was no mercy and were killed on the site by These forces, and the site was completely destroyed and the bodies took days to show them to the relatives to be able to prepare them first. no government that is not dictatorial performs these acts There is more than enough evidence to show that the regime not only allows common crime, promotes it by allowing ex-convicts and people with criminal records to register and belong to police forces, all this has resulted in nothing more in the In 2017 there were 26,616 deaths due to homicide, along with hundreds of investigations that show that there are links between the military with drug trafficking and with mobsters called "Pranes" who reign in Venezuelan prisons.

I do not get blind when it comes to knowing that the United States only cares for reasons of their own benefit, never helps any nation without taking advantage of it, the question is that the enemy of my enemy is my friend and at this moment fortunately for my enemy is a group of criminals that the world repudiates thanks to the investigative management of the United States and other countries that know all the criminal issues of the regime. I also know that this whole issue refers to a socio-economic controversy with China and Russia over control of influences in South America. and if the government prefers to ally with Russia and China it has to tolerate the fact that the people prefer the alliance with the United States and in the struggle between the rulers and the sovereign people the people must always prevail for the very fact of being sovereign. That's how simple it is, those are the facts.

Siempre con historias estúpidas.
Estados Unidos no tiene NADA que ver con lo que en Venezuela ocurre.
Políticas erradas, y un gobierno de mierda son los únicos causantes.

¿Acaso los "expropiese", y los controles cambiarios fueron idea de Estados Unidos?
La compra de votos.
El contratar a personal no capacitado.
La poca producción.
La regaladera.
Y el bajar el nivel educativo son culpa de Estados unidos?

The Economic Hitmen still doing their job with gusto

America stop playing with matches.

Hand-marked Paper Ballots, mailed to voters of record 2 weeks before election and collected at the precinct level, scanned to the web by multiple parties, verifiable by voters by anonymous number. All ballot images available on web for 3rd party recounts. http://www.marcbaber.com/ElectionReform.htm


Ya nuestro país esta colapsado, nunca se había visto como el venezolano abandonaban su tierra y es impresionante la cantidad de venezolano se van a otros países. Que mas colapso que ese.


Ni aquí uno se libra de los comunistas ESTUPIDOS.