This Rogue Military Drops 121 Bombs A Day - Why Don't We Stop Them? [VIDEO]

in #conspiracy3 years ago

In this latest segment on my show "Redacted Tonight," I cover the rogue military that drops 121 bombs a day... the United States.
(Click to watch)

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Wow, that's hard to imagine.

it's just incredible. wtf are history books gonna mention this? the denial in the people of the US & NATO-countries is epic.

Nothing rouge about the military at all.
They're doing the job that their leaders tell them to do.
It's not their fault that the voters elected the people they did.
Don't bad mouth the military.

While your statement is true to an extent, the military ultimately makes decisions regarding targets and how to attack positions. If they have no accountability, which they don't really have anyway evidenced by the numerous videos of soldiers killing civilians or white phosphorus being used and nobody being fired (even mercenaries getting a slap on the wrist for 40 murders), anyway, if they have no accountability, the military as a whole will spiral into degeneracy and soldiers will come back even more scarred and twisted, while some of them who have less or no remorse about their actions will stay in the military as rotten eggs, ready to spoil the next bunch with their tomahawk or headchopping nonsense.

And this hilarious notion that you shouldn't badmouth the military. You shouldn't hold it against a SOLDIER in the military, but the military itself is quite badmouthable as an institution. Fuck the military. Fuck the government of America for using it's vast wealth on this stupid shit. Then they sell it to dictators. 5 million tons of bombs didn't matter in Vietnam. What the fuck are they thinking?
"Support the troops. Bring 'em home." So says U.S. Army Major Danny Sjursen

I get it. The military is losing control. They feel everything slipping. So they try to shore up in areas they can. Coddle their soldiers by giving them a break for war crimes, stop publishing results that might show conflicts in a bad light, bombing more for more immediate results, demand more troops and money, pay and arm despicable, cheap militias who torture and terrorize, the list goes on. It's not all on the military I guess. The CIA and the government as well. The Pentagon. But, none of this would be possible without an effective and obedient military.

it's a conspiracy, a dastardly plot.
the evil lizard overlords are out to GET us.
Glad to hear that you understand.

Thanks Lee. It seems incredible that America is dropping so many bombs it is running out of them. But hang on a minute. Has America been attacked or threatened with any attacks? Has Congress adopted any motions declaring the country is at war?
Yet recently. the U.S. military put in a request for an extra $2billion worth of bombs after it has destroyed Mosul in Iraq and Raqqa in Syria.
Amnesty recently released a very harrowing report on the US/SDF ''liberation'' of Raqqa last October. It called the US led campaign a ''war of annihilation''. I wrote a piece about it yesterday. The report is absolutely heartbreaking while is makes your blood boil with anger.

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