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I interviewed awesome independent journalist Eva Bartlett about the reality on the ground in Syria. She's been there many times and makes it quite clear that Americans are getting a bullshit story.

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Mika knows better than almost anyone in the news industry, what a bunch horse manure they are spewing on a daily basis. Her father was the late Zbigniew Brzezinski. He was National Security Adviser in the Carter administration as well as Foreign Policy Advisor to Obama. He was the man who initiated the foreign policy of creating and funding modern terrorism (Mujahadeen aka Al quaeda and Isis), as a way to exert influence in the Balkan and Middle East region. Basically you can thank his and Henry Kissingers 'genius', as well as all of their other influential friends in the CFR and Trilateral Commissions, for the mess in the Middle East. So maybe, Mika could do some real journalism and do a story on that.

Thanks for sharing this. We'll never know the full story. It's sad that we can only sometimes take what versions the media decides to give us.


we WILL know the full story.


We might, but it will probably be too late, as usual...



I don't take it, I read it, watch it etc. but I don't download it into my brain as fact.

Excellent choice of a guest, @leecamp. Eva Bartlett is a true journalist who knows how to show difference between warmongering propagandists and professional reporters.




You are welcome @leecamp, you are a brave man. Please put the latest “Redacted Tonight” here at Steemit.

Real, first hand voices, like Eva, are the only reason the mass still has a voice and/or a clue.

What a breath of fresh air hearing first hand testimony from Eva Bartlett. I found her insights/experiences to be a crushing rebuttal of the Western media's narrative justifying the actions of the 'rebel' terrorist groups.
I would love to see her debate any of the warmongers from the presstitute media.
It is a shame you didn't have time to ask her about the U.S. sponsored SDF and its land grab in Eastern Syria.
The Syrian conflict is a proxy war between Western imperialism and its allies in the region and the shia crescent (Iran, Iraq, Assad's government and Hezbollah) in alliance with Russia.
Western imperialism has the blood of hundreds of thousands of Syrians on its hands as it poured weapons, mercenaries and sunni jihadis into Syria with the deliberate aim of killing and destroying in the hope it would lead to the collapse of Assad's government.
The soldiers of the SAA who been in the front line of the fight against the Heinz 57 variety of terrorist groups should be saluted for the heavy sacrifices they have made. They have paid a terrible price in terms of
The ordinary people of Syria want an end to this slaughterhouse of a war.
Considering that Western imperialism is determined to carry on trying to overthrow/ destabilise Assad's government one can only hope that the ordinary men and women of the Syrian Arab Army can triumph over the forces of genocidal terrorism represented by the so-called 'moderate' terrorist groups.
Thank you Lee for this interview. I hope you have Eva on again soon.

Good interview with Eva Bartlett, and lots to cover. Much needed perspective. For those who don't know her work from before however, and as she does reference having talked to civilians in Syria, I do think the interview would have been more complete if she was asked for an outline of the circumstances of her stays in Syria and work with Syria since this conflict began. With regards to her stays: Has she travelled to both government and non-government held parts of Syria, has she been under any restrictions, such as to where she can go, freedom to travel on her own (without "minders"), does she feel confident her interview subjects have been free to speak their mind, and why, has she spoken to people on opposite sides of the conflict etc.


Hi. This post ( answers many of your questions, but is outdated now (I've gone there 7 times not 6 as at time that I wrote this). I'll summarize answers to you in short, tho: I travel solo, except for 2 delegations, and except on three instances in which snipers were present and risk of being killed high: going to Maaloula in June 2014 when snipers were in the hilltops, a Syrian General joined my taxi for the final leg of the route (but when I went back in 2016 i was only with taxi driver and my friend who helped w translations); going to Palmyra in summer 2016, for the same reasons. At one checkpoint I saw a car severely shot-up my machine gun fire. It had traveled the same route I was to travel and ISIS attacked; and in Nov 2016 on one of my 5 trips to Aleppo (2 were completely solo, only taxi driver, 1 was with additional friend/translator, and 1 more with same friend/translator and my colleague, Vanessa Beeley) when I joined a delegation comprising journalists of NYTimes and other corporate media, out of curiosity to see how they would report on what we all saw. During that trip, yes, the Syrian army protected the convoy and put their bodies in front of us when we were in areas of high risk of sniping. All my other travel has been solo, with a single friend helping with accurate translation, usually in a simple taxi and even in mini buses and buses locals use. I've never felt a single time that interviewees were holding back or were spewing a script. Finally, nope, never gone to terrorist areas, I value the head on my neck. As I wrote here ( She correctly, however, stated that I’ve never set foot on the “rebel” side. I’m not keen on being beheaded. Veteran journalist Patrick Cockburn even wrote:

“They are not there for the very good reason that Isis imprisons and beheads foreigners while Jabhat al-Nusra, until recently the al-Qaeda affiliate in Syria, is only a shade less bloodthirsty and generally holds them for ransom. … all the evidence is that these can only operate in east Aleppo under license from the al-Qaeda-type groups.”

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Such an incredible source for actual, on the ground news. Thanks so much Eva and Lee for bringing this perspective.

The first casualty of war is the truth.

Great interview! Great episode! Lots of stuff to learn from this!