[REDACTED TONIGHT] Truth About Israel, New Facts About MLK's Murder, Cops Lying

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In this new episode of Redacted Tonight I cover the massacre that is going on RIGHT NOW in Israel. I also cover breaking news about MLK's assassination, a new report on how much cops are lying IN COURT, and much more.

We are being suppressed on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google. If you like this video, please share it. Also, I have live shows coming up in cities across America. Go HERE for the details.

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Well done Lee for exposing the pernicious lies of the presstitute media. The latest death toll stands at 29 Palestinians murdered over the last 2 protests and 2,700 injured!
The March For Return protests will last from Land Day. 30 March to Nakba Day on 15 May. These historic protests are demanding freedom justice and equality for the Palestinian people.
We should all demand that the Israeli government stop killing unarmed protestors and call upon governments to demand that the International Criminal Court investigate these massacres and hold Israel accountable.

UK citizens can email their MP by using the link below:


Free Palestine!!!

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You have my vote here on d-tube - keep up the good work Leecamp!

Thank you @leecamp, for spreading the truth without fear, direct from the belly of a beast! Keep fighting!

WTF? The news reports as if the guy is having a heart attack, and then they just slip in the nap at the end...must have been a slow news day😂

Deb Della Piana calling for a general strike, May 1st at www.beungovernable.net.

Please upload your videos to DTube. I hate YouTube and only use them if no other choice.