MSNBC Accidentally Reveals Their Hypocrisy [VIDEO]

in conspiracy •  2 years ago 

MSNBC's Morning Joe accidentally revealed the most incredible level of hypocrisy the other day. Here's my short segment on it. You have to see it to believe it.

You can get all the Redacted Tonight videos HERE

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Presstitutes of the deep state johns.

Good Post mr.@leecamp/?
just upvote yOuu..
great that.


MSM is almost not worth paying attention to, the only reason to is to see how we are being controlled with propaganda and distraction



In today's world, news is no longer news

The daughter of Brezinski, the man who gave a speech to Talibans about going back to their homes etc. lol.

I have problem with anyone who criticises people for forwarding an agenda in media then gets pissed when their agenda isnt forwarded by those same people.
Look, your right there is a bunch of scripted policy parrots on the news. But its not solved by swinging the script to fit your narrative. The news is supposed to be the FACTS. No embelishments or emotional plees to play at a viewers heartstrings in order to get them to follow a narrative. Its supposed to be the facts, verified by independent sources. This guy is using the same technics. Facts. Thats all we need, we are smart enough to make our own decisions provided we get the truth to base them on.