Massive Cover Up In U.S. Strikes On Syria [VIDEO]

in conspiracy •  11 months ago

Below I reveal some of the reasons you know the so-called "chemical attack" - that the U.S. used to justify air strikes - is complete garbage. On top of what is shown in this short video, just today world renowned British war reporter Robert Fisk has visited the site of the "chemical attack" and reported that there were no signs of a gas attack. He said in the Independent that the viral videos of children being treated for injuries are real, but they were caused by traditional bombing - NOT chemicals.
(Click to watch)

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Sir, you're an idiot!

Sums it up;(

Lee the only thing I’ve taken from this is that NATO is not as good as they think.First we have the French by all reports had all sorts of problems ,then we have over 2/3 of NATO’s top of the range hardware taken down by Soviet era air defence. All in all not the result the West was looking for..