Former CIA Presidential Briefer ADMITS Deep State Is Very Real! [VIDEO]

in conspiracy •  11 months ago

A 27-year CIA veteran and former briefer to the President told me in this interview that Deep State is very real. He also said Israel decides most of our foreign policy and that our military-industrial complex is eager to go to war with Iran on false pretenses. You HAVE to see this interview!

If you like this video, catch all the rest of Redacted Tonight [HERE]( or at I'm on Twitter @LeeCamp.

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Excellent work Lee.
Most ordinary people seem blissfully unaware of the CIA's murderous history. Hollywood films and the corporate media have alot to answer for as have our universitities.
William Blum has written a classic book about the CIA's genocidal behaviour. In the introduction Blum explains how the CIA's murderous history is completely invisible to American society.
He mentions that he came across a review of a book about Holocaust deniers. Blum wrote to the professor who wrote the book asking her a simple question:
Did she know that an American Holocaust had taken place whose denial put the denial of the Nazi one to shame?
Blum recounts:
So great and so deep is the denial of the American holocaust, I said, that the deniers are not even aware that the claimers or their claim exist. Yet, a few million people have died in the American holocaust and many more millions have been condemned to lives of misery and torture as a result of U.S. interventions extending from China and Greece in the 1940s to Afghanistan and Iraq in the 1990s.''

Surprise, surprise the university professor and author of a book about Holocaust deniers failed to reply.

Keep up the good work!

Great work @leecamp! I just started watching your show and love what you're doing. Keep it up! Thanks! :)


Thank you!!

Make no mistake about it. What's happening right now with all the rhetoric being thrown around, is eerily similar to pre ww2. Full blown facism. It has nothing to do with either the left or right. Both sides are willing pawns and participants.


That's so true! The world is getting divided and each side is ready to war. No matter you are democrat or dictator, the tension is at top.Diplomacy collapsed and powefull countries are ruling by mad men. I hope this years won't be remembered as the footsteps of 3rd world war.


If Trump bombs Syria even though Russia warned him not to because Russia will be forced to respond then what happens after that is anybody's guess. I compare this situation to the Cuba missile crisis, Kennedy made it clear to Khrushchev that the USA would not tolerate a nuclear gun being pointed at it from Cuba, Russia backed down. This time America is the one causing the escalation with it's imperialist behaviour, America must back down or risk WW3.

I think the biggest fight is happening in the cyberspace today.If cryptos and the blockchain take over,then the current monetary system,the mass media ,therefore the elite's power will fall.Look how desperately Facebook and Google already ban everything from the blockchain!But if you watched John Oliver's rant about them on tv,or one of the World Bank leaders saying they need to control this technology before it's too late,then you know it is an ongoing battle now.


What happens to finance including cryptos when a electro magnetic pulse hits?
Or worse when the server farms are destroyed?

operation paper clip LOOK IT UP

The nazis are literally the deep state and the cia is where they operate from. CIA are also anti-Israel not pro-Israel.

Brilliant. Keep doing what you do, sir

Excelente! gracias por compartir esta información.
¡TE SIGO! visitame en @marely y vota ;)