BOTH Parties Sell Out To Big Banks AGAIN! [Video]

in conspiracy •  10 months ago

Both the GOP and the Democrats have been fully bought and sold by the Big Banks. As if you needed more proof, here is some from my show "Redacted Tonight" -

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Hi lee, keep up the good work. It frankly amazes me why the American people tolerate these financial terrorists and their corporate puppets from the Tweedlerich and Tweedlericher parties.

Maybe you should suggest on your show that all aspiring candidates for public office take the financial expertise quiz on the JP Madoff website:

Keep Fighting!

It's a big romance, until election time. The fights are about which side gets the biggest bribes. Whoever wins gets to fill their cabinets with the same bankers, no matter what the result.


That is sure what it seems like. Wolfpack and others are helping to get a constitutional amendment to stop money into politics. Check them out.


no they are not.


You legacy people are so snooty when it comes to corporations and banks. Get out of the new road if you can't lend a hand, for the times they are a changin. Banks are the new people.

Keep on fighting! ✌💛

This is why the only hope right now is to donate to and fight along side progressives who want to represent you rather than sell you out to corporate interest. Lee Camp is one of the most honest and outspoken truth tellers around right now. Give em' hell Lee!

Our central banking systems are really a form of slavery in my view.

I expressed my views over at

Found this image on the internet and have had it for year and don't know the author but it is something Henry understood and we have forgotten.


Great name for the act!

Keep working, stop paying, and not only is all that crap short circuited, but everything is free!

You get to choose. A door to the Left or a door to your Right.
But they both lead sheep to the same slaughter house.

Realistic post! I upvoted your post. Keep your good work on to explore the truths.

i mean, really whose surprised at this point?
i feel like...most of us are at the point where we would revolt, but they keep up just not quite poor enough...that way we have something to loose! And they can pull this shit right in the open and we all swallow it cos well, at least we're not in [put country to scapegoats name here]

I like this realistic post

OK seen

Great commentary as always Lee!! Thank you!! Just thought I'd also add that, since bail-outs got such a bad rep in 2008, they've been able to conceal Dodd-Frank's small print "bail-in" clause -which enables banks to confiscate our savings, pension accts, etc. (regardless if these are insured or not) when they feel it's time. Of course Paul Krugman -who poo-poo'ed Glass-Steagall- never ever mentioned this. Who knows how much more they've done to deregulate our already lawless banking system through what they just passed. But whatever the revisions, you can be sure the bankers & elite have made excellent plans for themselves to profit even more (by parasiting off of us!) when faced with any impending crash they've helped to create. :(