Occult symbolism in the Nasim Aghdam Sabz Youtube shooting Hoax

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You hate Youtube and Google? You believe our leaders are corrupt tyrants?
Then you are a very disturbed person and a potential mass shooting terrorist!
You must be put under special surveillance or sent to one of our rehabilitation camps!
You must love Big Brother!

This Youtube shooting is a blatant psyop hoax aimed at portraying those who complain about censorship and tyranny as dangerous lunatics to the general public.
There's also the ongoing gun-control agenda.

Anyway lets focus on the symbology which is the fun part of these events


In the key video where she vents her anger at Youtube she has her background filled with Hexagrams.
An Iranian with a recognized jewish symbol all over her background?
Likely she used it as occult symbol of Witchcraft, to conjure spirits and cast an hex (agram).
The hexagram is used also in Freemasonry where it stands for several things: Seal of Solomon, As Above so Below, Sacred Geometry, Witchcraft, Saturn....and 666.


here she's posing with masonic checkerboard sunglasses. Just fashion taste or another masonic government secret agent?


Holding the Apple. The Forbidden Fruit. Eve taking the Apple (the Gnosis) from the Tree of Knowledge under temptation from the Serpent. That's why they love the Serpent/Satan so much, because it gave them knowledge "to be like Gods knowing good and evil". Also relates to Genesis 3:22 (Skull&Bones) which is the most important verse in the Masonic Bible.


The Hermetic Cabalistic concept of Duality. Central to Freemasonry and other mystery schools.
download (33).jpg


Masonic handsign often done by Trump, Merkel etc
I believe it stands for the womb


Standing with the Lion, The Heraldry, the protector of the Elites, the symbol of the Tribes of Judah .
screen-shot-2018-04-03-at-10-55-07-pm (1).png


The Monarch MK Ultra symbolism: Butterfly and Kitten. This to play with "conspiracy theorists".
"Oh no look she was an mk ultra slave, she was mind controlled to go shoot people". A popular rabbit hole where they love to send us into....

Of course the rabbit hole trap is set right there on her facebook for those who like to dig deeper.
Butterfly sunglasses and rabbit...

In this profile, apart from the white rabbit and apple, I find the 13 in the nickname interesting. In Witchcraft 13 is a Coven.


She also posted a video dressed as a Jihadist. Add to this she was a leftist vegan. Usually it is the alt-right with the finger pointed at...so today it's roles reversed but more of the same pantomime.

And if there's gonna be a war against Iran she won't care....
She loves war.... and because of their Duality belief they see it as necessary (good/bad, hot/cold, peace/war)

after all she's an Enlightened one (hm full of shit more like!)


The meaning behind this picture? Maybe an hint to where she's going next: to paradise...a tropical paradise that is.
The military controls some islands in the Pacific that can accommodate all the crisis actors that "die" in these events.
They need to stay there a few years years, so when and if they return won't be recognized and will be forgotten about.
For her performance as the "shooter" she got her 15 minute of fame, which she was obviously desperate for, and a long holiday.

I've already seen a few screw ups by the "witnesses" of the event. I might add them in the replies later.
In case I don't have time, check with @fakenewsreport who usually covers all the crisis actors bloopers.

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And as we're talking about a shooting at Youtube/Google (same company), we know they're a masonic entity just like most tech giants.

Google uses 666 as Logo, the masonic apron for Gmail, the All Seeing Eye for Google Gps, and the Pyramid capstone for Google Play.

If you think the 666 of the Logo is a coincidence....they even use it for the P.O. Box in Bermuda where they funnel all their profits tax free!
Fullscreen-capture-31012016-110818-AM (2).jpg

And as we're speaking specifically about YouTube.... many of those censored often call it JewTube because any criticism of jews or any talk of a jewish conspiracy will see your video magically disappear. They don't even hide they're a jewish group and even flaunt it in their logo in their offices with the 3 parentheses (used to identify jews on social media)

Up-Voted and Following!

You nailed this one right on the head! I found your blog through a steemit friend in common @aburmeseabroad. Couldn't be happier. I love seeing fellow bloggers exposing the reality of this occult/satanic run world we are living in.

I can't even watch a music video now (katy perry for example) with out wanting to vomit. It's all occult evil insanity. Makes me sad watching our youth eat it up and not even having a clue what they are seeing and the effect it has on them.

I too was really effected by it growing up in up-state NY. Listening to gangster rap, learning that "Bitches ain't nothin' but hoes n tricks" listening to that crap on a loop. Learning how to use, disrespect women, and do drugs. It really screwed me up.

However since the age of 20 I left the US and have been traveling the world for about 11 of the last 15 years. I really washed most of that evil propaganda off.

Last time I was living in the US I was in Orlando FL. They had a full on military "moc" invasion/lock down of my mid-upper class neighborhood with armed soldiers, tanks, and more. They cut off entrance and exit to our neighborhood about one square mile.

They were rude and the soldiers in full camo with m-16 were yelling at everyone to get inside. I got into a conversation with one, he told me they were looking for a murder suspect. Turns out it was one guy hiding in an attic if that was even the truth. This was back in 2014, when they were really militarizing the police.

The local news reported on it, all lies! That was when I sold my house and moved to Ecuador! Been more or less traveling and living out of a backpack though generally speaking.

Crazy world we live in and I really appreciate you exposing this. My blog focuses on travel and my "travel pro" lifestyle, but I'll certainly support your work.

I'll go ahead and put you on auto vote to a % I can spare. Votes are getting kind of thin these days but I really want to show you my support.

Keep up the great work!

From Santiago Chile! -Dan"World Travel Pro!"


you haven't followed ;P anyway thanks for the great comment! I intend to go travelling too soon. I'll cover a few more of these events...then it's time to move on . I wanna detox ...so looking for some remote place in unspoiled nature.


My bad, thanks for telling me I thought I clicked "follow" oops. I'm following you now. As you know I love how you shed light on this stuff. That's great, what part of the world do you have in mind to visit? Thailand has some great detox retreats for very little money, and of course with incredible nature around. So glad to hear back from you. -Dan

I assume thisshow was made specially for us :D
Nice, more creativity in approach, they tried very hard this time.

Thanks a lot @lavater