Lets be glad the Syria Strikes were just a very expensive ($500M+) fireworks show....

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The day I saw Donald Trump's taunting tweet I realized the attack would likely be just pantomime, like WWF Wrestling which Trump is so familiar with.
There's puppeteers (Banks, Military contractors, Energy Companies) behind the scenes who write the script and decide who fights who, how and even the outcome.
The World is a Stage.
I wrote about it in a comment 3 days ago (+ great comment there also by @world-travel-pro ):

Last night it became obvious the Syria Strikes were launched just to give another handout to the Military Industrial Complex without dragging the US or Russia into an hot war, not yet anyway.

The US used over 100 Tomahawks cruise missiles.
Tomahawks cost at least $1.5 million each.
France and the UK used dozens of Storm Shadows which cost 1 million dollar each.
The attack, considering all logistics, easily cost 500 million to Western taxpayers.
That's for only 1 hour of strikes.
And they've spent already billions fighting the ISIS scam they created.
And imagine how much a war with Russia would cost.....

On the other side of the charade:
to fend off the attack the Syrian Army used most of their anti-air missiles. 71 cruise missiles were supposedly intercepted.
Now Syria will need to buy more anti-air from Russia.
S-400 batteries cost 400 million for 112 missiles.
So also Russia's Military contractors are to greatly benefit from these strikes.

It's very likely that the attack was discussed and targets were agreed with Russia. Mattis said the Russians were not given prior warning, however France stated the contrary.

The attack - thankfully - resulted in no casualties and no significant damage apart from an empty Research centre on the outskirts of Damascus, probably chosen to give the Media some rubble to film and report about.
The US are saying it was chosen as target because they believed it was a "chemical weapons centre" which for obvious reasons it is a lie.

Moreover reports on the ground are saying that the few army bases that were targeted had been evacuated by the Syrian Army days before the strikes, and that's why there were no casualties. Another indication that it was all a phony fake show.

There was some sort of victims in this attack actually... and it was Western Taxpayers! And they're starting to realize it:



On one hand we should be extremely happy that noone died in the attacks and that we avoided a WW3 escalation, but on the other we can't ignore the scam being played on all of us.

I don't know if eventually all this artificially created grudge match between the West and Russia will lead to a WW3, but in the meanwhile both Western and Russian military contractors are making a killing at our expense.

And they're already coming for our cryptocurrencies with their bullshit regulations to pay for the next bombs...
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Russia said they would knock everything out of the sky. I was surprised when they did not do it. I am glad that none of the jet pilots were hurt or killed. I think Nikki Haley was required to fly second seat to ensure safety. Just kidding.

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Over the past few days I have read and listened to so many theories and opinions, and they are all over the map. It would be great if this report [ What You See & Hear Is Not What Is Happening] from @x22report is true.

worth watching

I've reached the conclusion there is a good chance that within the next few weeks we will begin to see if there really is a plan.

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thank you, yes that's also the theory @world-travel-pro had even before the strikes:

I believe Trump is just talking WWF stuff to keep his adversaries off balance. Even if he does drop some bombs, it will be part of the show and lead to nothing. I predict he'll be pulling out the troops as planned. Wouldn't even surprise me if Putin and Trump had this twitter exchange rehearsed beforehand. He's a showman, but I believe he's not in bed with the so called "deep state" and is fully aware this was just another false flag.

which would make sense if we only focus on Trump, but how do France and the UK fit in the picture? They didn't really hit anything either. And why did they have to spend so much for what we all agree was just a show...
Anyway we'll see how things play out soon.

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The DeepState Shills are pointing to the phony strikes to attack Trump, saying it proves he's Putin's puppet. But as the UK and France have also participated in the strikes that line doesn't add up....unless the UK and France are Putin's puppets too?
The most logical answer to me is that they are all in the same club (SecretSociety/Freemasonry). Including Assad. And just like in WFF Wrestling there's many fake adversaries on the World Stage to keep the Wars going.
And the DeepState shills are part of the Game too, as they help keep the tensions high between the US and Russia creating profits for the usual suspects and pushing for another World War bonanza.

What's reported on the news vs what really happened is mind boggling. Another great report and post. Thanks for sharing this important information. From Montevideo Uruguay! -Dan

I do not understand English but I already mean there is no victim is very good because the bomb that exploded on the side of damakus from one side of the bribery very profitable party which is whether the Russian side, because the paradise buy anti-rocket to $ 400. I want to ask why every trump make steem problems so go up @lavater