decode of the "ISIS terror attack" HOAX in Trebes France. ISIS = Hathor Pentalpha Freemason Lodge

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As always skip the Decoding/Numerology part if you find it ridiculous, but make sure to read the important info at the end.


Immediately looking at the first image used to present the event: 33 coded (U = 3)
33 Highest degree of Freemasonry and the number of Illumination.
Image Source: BBC

They are not even trying anymore. Supposedly 3 people died in a terror attack yet everyone's laughing and smiling and enjoying the day out (and probably the double pay).
Image Source: Daily Mail

What are the police doing there? because there's a peculiar Orange entrance.
The Brotherhood of Light communicates using Orange as even the Knightfall TV series will tell you.
Orange is the only colour that is 33 in Numerology.
Image Source: Daily Mail

Also I found this image interesting:
113= Order of Malta (Hospitaliers) became a Sovereign Order in 1113
21= 7+7+7 (Order out of Chaos)
The Triangle/pyramid (also in Scottish Rite iconography it is sometimes reversed,"as above so below").
Image Source: Daily Mail

They skipped the Skull & Bones day 3/22( I said it would be too obvious doing it 3 times in a row), but 23/3/2018 a pretty good alternative. Contains both 33 and 322 .
Also 2 dead and 3 wounded on a 23 date= 2323 = 322 & 33.


ISIS for those who do not yet know is an invention by the International Hathor Pentalpha Freemason Lodge and other UR-Freemason Lodges for "War abroad and Tyranny at home".
The Skull& Bones Yale secret society is just one of the many recruitment centres for Hathor Pentalpha.
Hathor Pentalpha was setup by the Bush's and has Al-Baghdadi as confirmed member, as well as Tony Blair and many others. Al-Baghdadi is a jewish Mossad agent.
Gioele Magaldi (former Grand Master of the Grand Orient of Italy)
Images from his 2014 book: Massoni (Freemasons).

Of course ISIS and HATHOR are also pretty much the same Egyptian deity.
So the clue was always there...

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