Conspiracy Theories

in conspiracy •  6 months ago  (edited)

I hear "Conspiracy Theory" and "Conspiracy Theorist" thrown around as derogatory terms a lot. But, here's the thing, the only thing that is required for a Conspiracy to exist is more than one person planning to do something wrong together. That's it. Two people come together and plot to murder someone, and somehow they get found out before they can do anything, and they are charged with Conspiracy to commit murder.

A THEORY, as defined in a dictionary, is an idea that describes something that May be true, or May Not be true, but which needs to be investigated or studied in order to determine which. In science this can mean experiments. In journalism this means searching and interviewing, etc. Every Prosecutor has a theory about who committed a crime, with what weapon, and a theory of the motive, and needs to gather evidence to support their theory before they can go arrest someone and go to trial.

So a Theory about a Conspiracy is not automatically completely crazy and to be ignored by all rational individuals. In fact, the more crazy it seems, the more probable it might be. What better way to hide a crime than by making it seem so crazy that no one would even consider it a possibility?

So, I don't disregard theories just because they seem a bit far fetched. Now, if a theory has already been thoroughly debunked by people I trust, who have presented evidence and logic that has totally convinced me, I won't wast my time with it. That's my two cents on the topic.

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