How ABC's 20/20 Broadcast Just "Bullied" Me & Other TinFoil Hat YouTubers Over Las Vegas Story!

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Of course, by using the term "bullied," I'm being facetious, since, in today's world, you can't criticize someone or you seen as "bullying" and harassing them. I don't think for a minute that I'm being harassed or bullied...and even if I was...who the hell cares! I'm not looking to censor Lamestream media, like they're looking to censor us! Let it be evident to all how out-to-lunch they truly are.

I'm Brian, the owner and creator of the YouTube Channel HighImpactFlix and the HighImpactFlix Facebook page. My aim is to create useful, relevant, exciting and engaging content that will inform and IMPACT those who take the time to view it. Bottom line: I strive to make it worth your while to check out my videos!

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following your advise to question everything,,, why didn't you up-vote any of comments on your 3 recent posts while your vote power is overflowing? I smell a conspiracy...
Just kidding, every now and then i bump into one of your videos on youtube, they're very interesting to watch.

haha...Sorry...I have a bad habit of posting and not revisiting. I'm a bad Steemian....

I was kidding of curse, I know you should be very busy as a youtuber, just keep in mind that it's up to us, users to control the quality of posts and comments with our votes, you would contribute to the whole community by judging others work.

People no longer care today there are desensitized by the devil to do evil.Bullying is bad and should not be tolerated. Its psychologically damaging a lot of people especially young kids.lts so sad.Thanks for the video hope we will all benefit

Its what they do , disscredit , AD Hominem , Strawman and Lie . And thats how it's going to be , I long ago scared them badly enough to lay off me , anyway giving you free exposute can be a huge boosst , most people know that the MSM is rubbish anyway .

This deserves some attention. Upvoted and resteemed :)

Good share @highimpactflix
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Glad to see another good post.

Wow, Your Post is Awesum, Thnx for sharing :)

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hey i am also a youtuber. youtube gives us huge oppurtunity to show our talent.

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Great and aweome story i like it its really good

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