I got so excited when I heard of the government shut down.

in #conspiracy2 years ago

I thought, now all the senators, congressmen, government officials, law enforcement officers, The Federal Reserve Employees, the judges, the IRS officers, the secret service agents, the army and navy generals and the black budged operatives will have to stay home because there is no money left to pay them for their services.

As usual. I was wrong. They continue getting paid very well and go to work as usual.

But I heard, a few parks will be closed.
And a few unimportant slaves will have to work for no pay.


Our beloved Big Brother knows best how to spend HIS money.

Both houses of Congress should be sent home. In this situation they know that they have to work in order to agree on a bill to fund the government. So, the congress would have to work, WITHOUT PAY. this would be the fire under their butts that is needed to provide the incentive to be productive. This is why our lawmakers have lost the connection with the real world and the average American citizen. They do not suffer as a result of their irresponsible behavior, the little people do, we the people are the ones that take it in the gut. They are disconnected because they are not hel accountable for their own actions. Why do we keep electing the same ones?

We do not elect representatives. We choose actors out of a pool of candidates. It is "Central Casting" for a lousy play with a lousy plot. Nothing but theater for children.

Sadly you are 100% correct! I like your pic of Orwell, he was far ahead of his time. 1984 was prophetic to say the least.

1984 was an instruction manual.

Oh, great. So our politicians can continue their good job and don't have to worry about being laid off 🙂

LOL the title is hilarious!

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