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RE: It Is Always, Always, ALWAYS Okay To Question Official Narratives

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Nobody is ever in any position to bully you into silence for doubting the official narratives about what is happening in a world ruled by a power establishment with a known history of using lies, false flags and propaganda to manipulate the public into supporting its agendas except Facebook and YouTube


...or violent thugs, like cops and deathsquads.

Manuel Noriega remained held without access to media, despite his ability to testify as to the drugs and money laundering schemes executed by Bush43, until he died last year. Indeed, because of his ability to testify as to the facts, names, dates, etc.

Do not underestimate that nefarious power that can jail for life without media contact the head of a sovereign nation to conceal drug dealers undermining our own.

that guy is still alive and in prison? It's funny we hear all this gun control shit and not a peep about Obama allowing Hezbollah, a terrorist organization, to traffic the cocaine into America that fuels the slaughter in our inner cities that kills more kids every day than that school shooting and more every couple of weeks than all rifles, legal and not, "assault" and not, all year.

I checked, and he died last year. Not that we could verify that. You're right about Hezbollah, although I reckon the CIA does what it wants, and President's either go along to get along, or go down and get done in.

No one ever had to ask Barry twice to go down!

DED is an internet term I am not familiar with.

DED proceeds from 'I died laughing.'

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