DEPARTMENT OF CONVOLUTION | The S.V.V. Tried To Crowdfund $1,000,000 For A Secret Cryptic Pornsite

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Here we expose some of the people behind the S.V.V. & the Department of Convolution, explain the purpose of the puzzles and reveal how a strange cryptic, $1,000,000 crowd funded website was actually just a front for a cheap, second rate porn website . The story then takes a rather sinister turn as we look at the D.o.C. connections to the U.S. government.

First lets get a brief summary of who they both are.
The Department of Convolution

  • Manages an inventory of Sigils and Seals to keep the material and immaterial communities free of psychic entrenchment.
  • Individual’s neurological security depends on our Convolution Sigils and Seals being in the perfect location, at the perfect time, with the perfect qualities to protect our neurological structures. Our members operate in every time zone and in every climate. More than 144,000 members are astrally, terrestrially and at aethyrically.

Sodalitas Vulturis Volantis

  • The S.V.V. is an organization devoted to the research, study and practice (or practical applications) of neuroecological development, noumena manipulation, ritual indoctrination and parapsychological activities.
  • Many present-day concepts, such as Psychological Operations, were inspired by the S.V.V., which became one of the largest single influences on 20th-century Western perception.

So the D.o.C. is the main department and the S.V.V. manages recruitment into the organization by means of complex cryptic puzzles. The S.V.V. state: Seeking qualified individuals. Become one of the 144,000. Later on we find out what they maybe recruiting for and why. First we will look at how the S.V.V. are actually a front for a secret porn website.

Looking at the D.o.C research page we see it talks about Azoic Oak.

Implicit Azoic Cube Splitting: Fluidity, Symbolism, and Reflections
Despite the non-existence of forbidden Beings in Psychic Equilibrium Zones, spontaneous splitting of Azoic Oak can occur in essentially crystallized, Zas Divinations with transmigratory Azoic Oak. The essence of the resulting transmigratory Azoic Cube is quantized to an integer multiple of the crystallization essence, arising from a combination of collective unconscious synchronization and multibody-symbolic topographical manipulation.

Searching for Azoic Oak returns very little in the way of explaining what exactly it is. But it does show some links to 2 social accounts which have since been deleted. Luckily Google still had the pages cached and I was able to archive them. Here we get to understand who they are and the reason for the puzzles.

4 days after they set up the Go Fund Me page Azoic Oak were on Reddit asking for legal advice regarding setting up a company that would be handing out cash prizes for solving puzzles.

I will try to be succinct. Let's say I have a subscription based service with annual fees of $1. Now pretend I want to hold a contest with a grand prize of $75. I also want this contest to be an annual event. Let's say the contest is something like, first person to solve the equation x + y = z.

As the title suggests: does one need to be an LLC, Corp, hold a skill based contest with a prize? Whether it's in California or online?

Both the Go Fund Me page and the Reddit account have since recently been deleted.

Maria Padhalia has a Facebook page. It even states she is the secretary of the S.V.V.

Seeking qualified individuals. Become one of the 144,000

  • There are also quite a few pictures of their main symbol in random places on the S.V.V. Facebook page.

Interesting to note that the S.V.V. checked into the Office of Foreign Assets Control on the 14th March 2017. 2 days after Go Fund Me campaign went active and 2 days before they started asking legal questions on Reddit. This could of course just be part of the game persona.

The Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) is a financial intelligence and enforcement agency of the U.S. Treasury Department charged with planning and execution of economic and trade sanctions in support of U.S. national security and foreign policy objectives. Under Presidential national emergency powers, OFAC carries out its activities against foreign states as well as a variety of problematic organizations and individuals, like terrorist groups, deemed to be a threat to U.S. national security.

Essentially C.V.V appears to be just a game. According to this post after applicants pass the first couple of tests they are "Knighted" and given a "Name".Each Name corresponds to one of the 72 Names of God according to a Kabbalistic tradition. Players are asked to "transmit" their Name, after which it is added to a chart on this page

Kabbala runs strong in this puzzle. There are also references to 777 on the S.V.V. website.

777 | QBLH


If it wasn't already strange enough. This is where it gets even stranger.

Maria Padhalia/Azoic Oak/Sodalitas Vulturis Volantis (the recruiting arm for the Department of Convolution) is a front for a secret porn website that the makers had kept hidden from, not only players of the puzzle, but also from their GoFundMe backers. This is why they have taken their GoFundMe page down and deleted the AzoicOak Reddit account.


  • We find Azoic Oak has a website. - Archive

  • OralCream on Twitter tweeted a link to to on the 30th March 2017.

  • The Twitter account was only created on the 22nd March 2017

  • The Twitter account links to which is a pretty low-grade, basic video porn site.

  • The first video on was only uploaded 2 weeks ago.

  • There is evidence in this tweet and this YouTube comment that suggests there was an actual tweet from the OralCream twitter account that actually claimed ownership of but I couldn't find it. So I guess it had been deleted.

  • Following the (NSFW) link from OralCreams tweet takes us to another pretty crudely put together porn site that you wouldn't be able ot get to if you didn't have a link. I haven't searched through many of the video thumbnails but flicking between the 2 sites I have noticed duplicate video thumbnails. This would suggest they are using some of the same video content. Both websites were built with WordPress. Both have really bad adverts that seem to appear anywhere they like on the page. To be honest the cheap, poorly put together websites, and the lack of content feels like they are both scams covering for something else.

Next we'll look at and in the Who Is Domain Lookup.
Registrant Name: Contact Privacy Inc.Registrant Name: Contact Privacy Inc.
Created Date: 2017-03-12Created Date: 2017-03-19
Updated Date: 2017-03-12Updated Date: 2017-03-28
  • We see a lot of similarities between the 2 websites. The website was created on the same day as the Azoic Oak cryptic Puzzle GoFundMe campaign was launched.


  • The OralCream Twitter account was created 3 days after the OralCreamPie website.

This tweet claims they could have even broken the law by being vague in the GoFundMe description and for not putting 18+ warnings on the same campaign.

18 U.S. Code § 2252B - Misleading domain names on the Internet
18 U.S. Code § 2252C - Misleading words or digital images on the Internet
18 U.S. Code § 1470 - Transfer of obscene material to minors

To be honest if this C.V.V. puzzle does cross over to the Azoic Oak porn then they could be in trouble again as the content rating on the S.V.V. Android app is only PEGI 12

This would have all been very well and good if this was just a puzzle but for some reason there was a need to secretly inject porn into it and misdirect users. Although this all seems quite strange it's still within the realms of possibility but there are a couple of things that just don't sit right in this situation.

This pastebin is supposedly a transcript of an email conversation this YouTube user had with Maria.
He basically goes over what I have above but in less detail and accuses Maria of promoting a scam. This was her reply:

You are a curious one! There is nothing broken. Yes, I am not the best with Internet design or indexing? I hardly understand Facebook! I do as I'm contracted, which I often don't fully understand! All they have told me regarding the pornography is that: one way to lead individuals to the Light is through the dark. I appreciate your concerns, though as far as I'm aware everything you CAN see, they want you to see.
Maria Padhalia, Secretary of the Northern Jurisdiction, Sodalitas Vulturis Volantis

  • Contracted by who? (This would suggest compartmentalization)
  • lead individuals to the Light is through the dark sounds very cult like.

The thing that started all this off was a Tweet from someone called d0c134ks which tweeted a link to this Dropbox that contained this email. It is from the Department of Convolution and was sent to quite a few different government email addresses.

Date: Fri, 6 Jan 0117 10:46:19 -0400
Subject: PROJECT SPIRNET Recruitment
From: AZ,
To: Tina Flournoy, Bart Lurie,Mary Pally, Huma Abedin, Hannah Richert,
CC: Eric Bannon, Bruce Line,John Gripp,,

The email goes on to read:

  • We need a thorough reevaluation of our recruiting practices. We are in a vulnerable position, having requested and obtained fiduciary support to initiate clandestine ARG-SPIRNET capability, acting and at times testifying as if it has been proceeding according to schedule.
  • I need to know where we stand in some respects: First, I need a breakdown of each SPIRNET class during 1987,1997, and 1007 - how many officers, clandestine personnel, etc.
  • Following visits to our Zurich and Czech stations I had some revealing conversations with Intel Analysts.
  • Finally, I believe we need to target more young men and women between the ages of 17-33, give or take a few years,

Lets take a look at some of the people we could find in that list.

  • Chief of Staff to President Bill Clinton. Prior to joining President Clinton’s team, Tina was Assistant to the President for Public Policy at the American Federation of Teachers,
  • Bart Lurie (,) which is probably Bari Lurie
  • Bari Lurie is an American non-profit executive who serves as chief of staff to Chelsea Clinton at the Clinton Foundation. She previously worked for Hillary Clinton and the Washington Nationals, and has been described as one of the most influential people in Clinton's orbit.
  • Mary Pally (,) could actually be Maura Pally that works for the C.F.
  • Maura Pally is the senior vice president of programs at the Clinton Foundation. In this role, Maura oversees the strategic and operational efforts of the Foundation’s 9 initiatives focusing on efficiency and impact, as well as ensuring alignment with the organization’s core mission.
  • American political staffer who was vice chair of Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign
  • Hannah Richert worked for Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation.
  • director at the Clinton Presidential Center

Finally we have this communication written in 1977 that talks about dropping sigils over Iran to provoke some sort of PsyOp on the citizens.





  • It's more than likely that Maria Padhalia is OralCream on Twitter.
  • Maria started a GoFundMe campaign and registered on the 12th March 2017
  • Azoic Oak is actually a secret porn website although this was never mentioned in the GoFundMe campaign.
  • 2 days after on the 14th March, according to Facebook, the S.V.V./Maria checked into the Office of Foreign Assets Control. Assuming this is real it could have been to either to try and negotiate a donation for the GoFundMe campaign or to seek legal advice regarding the questions she eventually asked on Reddit.
  • 2 days later on the 16th March Maria or someone from AziocOak was asking around Reddit for legal advice on Cryptogames.
  • was registered on the 19th March and the associated Twitter account OralCream was started on the 22nd March.
  • At some point between the 12th March and the 22nd March she pulled the plug on the Azoic Oak GoFundMe campaign. Maybe she realized it wasn't legal or someone rumbled her and she deleted it all and decided to go with a standard pornsite. The hidden pornsite still exists on but it wasn't funded by the GoFundMe campaign.



If these documents are authentic and the Department of Convolution really is emailing state officials then I guess it must be some type of governmental PsyOps department. It could even be a clandestine recruitment tool used for recruiting the 144,000 most highly intelligent people for the New World Order once World War 3 has wiped out 80% of the USA population. They could control the recruits by communicating via the S.V.V. mobile app. They could also control the applicants by feeding them porn via Azoic Oak and monitoring their porn habits which they could then later use for blackmail. Or it could just be a game and everything I have seen and documented they wanted people to see as it's all part of the game/puzzle. Something tells me this last option is the least likely.

So underneath the hidden puzzle porn scam it appears there could be something a lot more sinister going on.

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cynicalquips CynicalQuips tweeted @ 07 Apr 2017 - 00:30 UTC

@defango @svulturvolans @oralcream @gofundme @defango better yet go 2 march27th post on @oralcream NSFW where a jes……

cynicalquips CynicalQuips tweeted @ 07 Apr 2017 - 04:05 UTC

@defango / @gofundme Did @oralcream / Maria P & @svulturvolans violate U.S.C 18 Sec 1470,2252b,2252c w/their vague fundraising & ARG?

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

I am still in the process of investigating this, so there are some details that I'm not able to share at this time. I don't usually investigate augmented reality games (ARG), but this particular one kind of fell into my lap so to speak. I've up-voted your story, hopefully some people will see it and at least consider this information before choosing whether or not to participate in this ARG. My intentions (for the sake of transparency) for investigating this particular ARG was the fact that donors were solicited through GoFundMe to provide a purse' for a crypto-challenge as described in the campaign mentioned in your story. My intention was never to ruin said game for any of the donors or participants, I've only sought to expose truth and determine whether the donors were defrauded and whether or not federal laws that protect minors were violated. If you would like the March 27th tweet you can contact me: proletarianguard at gmail and I can provide you that along with other details if you'd like to include them in your story. Good work!


Ah. Hello you. I decided to make this post after reading your comment on J1033 YT channel.
I felt there was something wrong happening. I've also been looking into DocLeaks DropBox link. It has a selection of documents in that seem to be from The Department Of Convolution. As you can see some of the docs have names of people that are associated with the US government. This is what really interests me if the docs are real.
It would be good to add the 27th of march tweet. Could you add it to and post the link here and I will update the post.

I don't really want to give out my email but I'm on Discord and would be happy to discuss further. My discord is also Fortified.

Thanks again for your research. It will make a difference.


Here is the claim of ownership/post from the 27th

Where did the TON of hentai come from subsequent to soliciting $6,000 from Donors? Did the person
who goes by the alias Maria Padhalia always have it, or was it acquired/purchased after the campaign?

Edoxus.jpg @ , also used as img for GoFundMe campaign, also posted on the twitter page @oralcream

There was also a trailhead posted on the Unfiction Bulletin Board site for ARG's, which similarly allows persons / minors over the age of 13 to use their service/site. If one of the posts in this thread is from a person(s) behind this ARG than that would constitute a 3rd (GoFundMe, SVV app, Unfiction) instance in which minors could have been exposed to pornographic material through the inter-linking of the sites: / / /

My research into this has also consisted of the following msg's (keep in mind that these person(s) remain in character throughout discourse, so I would not consider the statements made to be credible, I am linking to them only because they are statements that the person(s) involved have made directly).

I'm afraid this is all I can share at the time being, I don't want present speculation or working-theory without evidence to support it. I will provide more updates here as they are proved out if I am able. I will however, inform you that the S.V.V. / Department of Convolution / Humanisbeing / OldWvlf / Azoicoak and everything associated with the campaign / ARG ( even D0CL34KS ) is part of the ARG. The alleged connections to the U.S. Government are fraudulent and also part of the material that was written for the crypto-challenge. Emails to the addresses @state , @ucia all bounce back. I have, as an independent researcher, provided all of the evidence that I have put together to the appropriate entities and agencies regarding potential fraud and the potential violations of U.S. federal law.

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Ohm wallet is fine. They guys running it are great.

You'll have to work out if SVV is right for you though. This is all I can help you with . sOrry