What if a group of people tried to control society?

in #conspiracy3 years ago

What if, just what if, there was a religious sect that believed themselves superior to other humans, rightful heirs to the Earth, destined to rule over and exterminate the rest?

Would they censor any discussion of their activities? Would they eternally play the victim card to distract from their heinous acts? Would they obscure history, and manipulate the news? Would they conduct false flag events to further their goals? Would they pressure governments to enact laws stamping out criticism of the group, even as it murders millions? Would their members own all the major big tech, social media sites, and news corporations? Would they stoop to almost anything, within their ancient twisted code, to take control of society and do with it as they pleased?

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Pit of Hell

It sure is great to finally have options in video streaming platforms!



Who could that be?

Hah, narsty!
Have you seen this one yet?

And now he's enjoying a SECOND term despite having almost no popularity with Canadians...


The dam that was holding information back has burst. Everything is coming to light, all they can do is muddy the waters. Beware of psy-ops, labels, those trying to deceive, distract and confuse you...and the truth hidden in plain sight.

The control of cannabis has a huge part in this greater scheme. Cannabis is medicine, mind expansion, textile, and...


Ruthless, dirty, psychopathic businessmen rape the world for profit and have been keeping cannabis from the people so they can keep the people stupid enough to keep on with deforestation and sucking the last of the oil out of the ground.

Hehehe, people are VERY afraid to upvote this! Nobody can find any fault with it, but it's got the least upvotes (and payout) of any post you've done in ages. :D

Yes I believe they would.

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