Is This the End?

in #conspiracy2 years ago

While the world is singing 'my carona' in some induced zombified altered state, the bankster rulers are melting down the financial system, all markets and banks are going to be closed soon and a lot of people are going to lose their jobs in the next 2 years, in a vastly shrunken, heavily depressed economy.

To 'reset' the financial system, they are going to meet in the most important emergency 'world leader' summit ever, and declare the only way to do it safely is with a Central Bank Digital Currency, which from now on all of their owned corporations (because they shut the stock market and are giving you much needed cash to spend for your previous 'holdings') will accept as legal tender. The only way to access it will be through the internet, or your central banking card.

Because of the depressed economy, everyone will be given a certain amount to spend every month no matter what, and if they can find work they can add to it, but no one here remembers dust bowls.

Most will be poor, while the Babylonian central banking clique and their minions who have 'bought' the world can surveil it and rule it like gods, in charge of the entire economic lives of the massive poverty class. just like 1984.

Trillions and trillions and trillions in cash to the criminal bankers, and we are simply getting poorer, even right now unable to enjoy the normal things of life like working, socialising, watching sports, dining out - even if we are in work and want to. Things are crazy - 'may you live in interesting times!' indeed.

They're here.

May you find the grace and peace of Jesus soon, he predicted all this with alarmingly good accuracy, a long time ago:

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