Coronavirus corona virus CORONA virus Corona VIRUS - Five syllables that have captured the mass consciousness

in #conspiracy2 years ago

THIS is as big a false flag/ hoax/ change agent as 9/11, involving crisis actors, real actors and the world's governments and media.

Like the means, the ends are also multi-pronged. Isolating everyone and having them become more and more dependent on the matrixnet is a major one for sure.

They have the women scared, knowing that they are the most concerned about their families' health, yet it is only affecting those who already have weak immune systems/ bad lungs, are generally. IT has a 99.3% recovery rate.

BBC protest at Media City Salford Nov 2013 (9).JPG

The entire world is talking about it as if nothing else important is going on, that is how you know the masses are simply being distracted and focused on this one, unspectacular, insignificant infection among hundreds of others and dozens of other really important stories. Mass hypnosis, and psychosis.

Forget that their pensions and investments are melting, and their childrens' futures being mortgaged by infinite debt - syria - greece/ turkey invasion - war crimes reporter in prison - prince andrew still free - epstein - weinstein - on and on and on but no, it's all about this fucking cold that seems to affect a few people on the telly but no actual person they know in real life.

everyone's gone mental.

i do not, nor ever shall have, coronavirus.

wake the fk up, please.


But the end of all things has drawn near. Therefore be sober-minded and be sober unto prayers.(1 Peter 4:7)

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Do you have corona virus?

Hope God will not allow and also to your family, may God take care of you

So true - I've never seen so many clueless numpties getting suckered so hard by such lame bollocks!


No but it is most likely the new world order rollout - zombies will be begging for marshall law and handing over their cash for traceable current-see

It worked well in 76 - it always works - so time to do the same scam yet again


exactly - it's not the 'virus" that is insane, it's what's happening in the country and the people who believe the tell-lie-vis-eye-on programming

Getting people into a state of fear so they can bring in more controls and restrictions on us.

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