I Made a Sheriff Israel Meme, Inspired by Debbie the Sane Progressive

in conspiracy •  11 months ago

I've been writing furiously all week about the current not-so-coincidental escalation of both censorship and proposed involuntary detainment of the "mentally ill," but my tangents are infinite, the subject too big, and my emotions too high. I've already been furious for years about how the phrase "mentally ill" is misused in the media, based on their idiocy, hypocrisy, etc., and the very real and often ruinous harm to real people that they perpetuate, as we know every word they say and how they say it is planned and for a reason. When recently they floated the idea of impeaching Trump based on his mental health, or lack thereof, my mind was blown. I thought, "trying to do that will require truth about mental illness, and that is not going to happen" - and surprise surprise that meme fell out of the msm quickly. No discussion I've ever heard in msm (and too often consequently in real life) regarding mental health is anywhere near the truth of the matter, much less even in proper context. And like everything, it's become worse with the shooters (real and/or fake), and the idea of impeaching Trump due to mental illness confirmed my perception of a doubling-down on the demonization of mentally ill people (which has always been bullshit anyway, why not just be openly racist too? Sweeping generalizations not based on fact.. so offensive..), and now here it is. I saved my furiously rambling (crazy!) writing and might try to organize it into something tangible, but will now just stick with my meme, because I really am so upset I can't think straight. YEA for Debbie Lusigan pounding us over the head continuously, on and on and on and on again, about this. Are the proposals in place yet? Because this comical fool front puppet who should have been shut down immediately has instead been elevated, obviously planned, and I'm very upset about so many things, including these realistic shooter drills in schools, with children who will suffer the very symptoms of actual various mental illnesses because of these drills! The developing minds of these kids, being developed purposefully in this way - ok I have to stop, here I go again, so sad and infuriating.. we are turning another corner here that is way too dangerous and we can't sit by idly, like we did for 15 years while they put the laws in place to make this possible, here in the land of the fee and the home of the prison slave (dammit Cubbyworks stop writing! Ok, goin' to chill. Cubbyworks, are you talking to yourself? No, I'm writing to myself. Well, either way, they're coming to take you away if you don't stop talking about it).


"Consider the daffodil... and while you're doing that, I'll be over here going through your stuff." - Deep Thoughts, By Jack Handey

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Mary Helen
Photos by Cubbyworks, CanonPowershot SX520HS

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