Shut Up, Burglary Theorist!

in conspiracy •  last year


What?! You believe in burglaries?! Oh no, you're just another crackpot, tinfoil hat-wearing nutjob, aren't you? You're a burglary theorist!

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I have this meme already prepared for resolving this issue!

No way!! There can't be that many people who would be in a giant burglary, or even a bunch of burglaries... someone would say something right? There is no such thing as burglaries. Enough of this Burglary theory quackery, I am going to look up some conspiracies on the internet.

Good Day Sir! LOL


I appreciate how Ron Paul countered the conspiracy theorist issue by stating "right now you & I are conspiring to do this interview, some are conspiring to restore liberty. People talking, planning & working together is conspiracy." Everything is a conspiracy of one sort or another. If trying to figure out how & why people have done or are doing something is crazy then crazy I am. This is an interview with Adam Kokesh & Ron Paul where they bring up conspiracies.

Ha...I’m going to use this one with my friends....maybe that way they’ll understand.

It made me smile just imagining all the theorizing hoops the burglar victims would have to go through (out of the cognitive dissonance belief that signs of breaking and entering combined with missing objects cannot mean there was a burglary) in order to explain what happened without going anywhere close to the idea of someone stealing.

Very interesting insight. I never new that the cia started the whole conspiracy theorist labeled. But, it's amazing that with that information public that we see how often the main stream media uses the term in a derogatory way for the people who don't agree with their paradigm. I hope that the word gets out though as the world needs to know this information now more than ever.

That's about it, the flavour of the day! Hi James, I'm new to Steemit, didn't realize you had a presence here. I've followed you on youtube for quite some time. Keep up the good work, Upvoted and followed

Haha! This is so brilliant.

Intriguing vlog! It puts everything into perspective i will inform my friends who think there is no conspiracies.

well its my frst time at your video i dont watch that much video but today i was gatting bore and i thought lets go for it and yeah i learn many thing so thanks for sharing really like it Burglary Theorist

Those damn Cryptocurrency theorists...All this talk of going to the moon. Everyone knows that's a conspiracy theory!

exhilarated & exceptional!

This is the future of postmodernism!


Thanks James @corbettreport

Coincidentally, I’m currently working on a piece about Conspiracy Theories, and the tome isn’t going in the direction I’d expected it to. But, following the evidence, it’ll go where it needs to go.

Here’s what the lexicon of linguistic truth, the Oxford English Dictionary, had to say on the subject of conspiracy theories:

  • "It is the theory that an event or phenomenon occurs as the result of a conspiracy between interested parties”. “A belief that some covert but influential agency, typically political in motivation and oppressive in intent, is responsible for an unexplained event"*

When I read that definition; an Event or Phenomenon – result of a Conspiracy between Interested Parties – * Influential Agency* - Political in MotivationOppressive in Intent, the first subject that sprung to mind was: Religion.

Thanks … Geoff

Burglary theorist is like Einstein but in dumb ass, isn't it?

you tin foil hat wearing burglary theorist!

If not for multiple people doing a crime in cahoots, we have two other choices: The thing just "happened" by accident or the thing was caused by the "lone nut". Pick one; until the facts are discovered, all 3 are theories. So? Every detective opens up the case with a theory.

The challenge comes when the accusation of being a "conspiracy nut" is put forth....

this reminds me of the book/movie "The Giver". A must for all conspiracy realists