"National security concerns".
This is the wild card for everything.
Thanks for your post.

You've got a point and when they said they buried him at sea out of respect for the Islamic faith... yeah right

When they talk about national security, they're really talking about how secure they are in power. It's not about keeping the nation secure, it's about keeping the established state secure. Not only from external threat, but even from We the People too.

Whether the stories are true or not, one thing is crystal clear - the picture on the right is definitely fake.

The stupid artist could not find a picture that would look more like a sad sickly Osama, but instead chose to alter a picture of the man during one of his speeches (compare picture on the left).

Check out his lips in both photos.

I wonder if he was also making a pronouncement in death as he was doing in the picture on the left.

Military operations carried out under the Clinton/Bush/Obama administrations were all designed to bring forth the NWO, one world governance under total dictatorship by the elitist systems across the globe; Agenda 21, 30 and more coming out of the UN promoting slavery and the sexualization of children in the classrooms, the list of what they have in store for humanity is endless. I hope the truth will soon be revealed concerning Bin Laden, the people have the right to know why so people died because of that name. So many soldiers died, war after war in the middle-East. False flag op.? If so, who pocketed on those wars after 9/11 and turned the Western sphere into a surveillance empire? It isn't difficult to join the dots. May the truth prevail.

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