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Mysteries in medieval records confirm the existence of Nibiru?

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A research team from Queen's University and the University of Belfast, both from the United Kingdom, assure that there are medieval astronomical records that could provide us with more information than we think about the enigmatic planet Nibiru and the Solar System, which is presumed to be I could be orbiting around Neptune. This new hypothesis is born after medieval historians and astronomers have studied how ancient civilizations were able to observe comets in antiquity.


Medieval records could give us the final information about Nibiru .

The theory was born that historians of ancient medieval and astronomical times have compared records on comets sighted in antiquity with current images, some of them from NASA computers , which were provided by the space agency

According to scientists, there is a large number of records in the history of comets in ancient English, Old Irish and Latin and Russian that have not been taken into account for centuries. They also mention that these documents have dates and times that make them useful for today's astronomers.

It is also pointed out that said collected information can be used as an instrument to study the orbits of comets that are known today and use a computer to calculate the time when these comets could have been visible in the sky in ancient times.

Could old records confirm the existence of Nibiru ?

In this way, the team increases the belief of the existence of the giant planet Nibiru , since in this way many of the gravitational forces that could have been observed in the Kuiper belt could be explained. The circumstellar disk that orbits beyond Neptune and which is believed to come from all comets of short periods. In that place it has been possible to observe how different objects behave and everything indicates that there may be a larger body that has been altering the gravitational force of them.

According to the astronomers, if in the drills the data of this enigmatic planet Nibiru are included, you could use the sightings of comets in the Middle Ages to verify that these simulations work better and are much more accurate. Those that do not include these data may not be so many.

Many times they have used elaborate explanations to justify the gravitational force within the Kuiper belt, when the most logical, sensible and simple is to add the existence of a planet that we still do not know. The sightings of comets in the medieval era would be a unique test and that, without a doubt, would have a transcendental impact in the way in which we understand the functioning of our Solar System.

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