James Oliver, the man who traveled from another planet and through time

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There is evidence of people who have made trips over time. Registration of characters with appearance and strange vocabularies that claim to belong to a totally different era than they are, even today there are people who claim to be temporary travelers . That is the case of James Oliver, a subject who claims to be one of these temporary travelers and who comes from the year 6491 ...

Are there temporary travelers ? This man claims to have traveled through time .

This man has stated in an interview that not only is he a traveler from the time of the future, but also comes from a different planet. He assures that he is in our room since he was "trapped", after the blue blood moon caused an interruption in one of the transmissions of his ship, causing a malfunction of his system. James Oliver also explained that his planet is in another distant solar system.

According to his own words, he belongs to a planetary system that is not this one. Declaring that he could not be very specific because of the company for which he works, but basically he is an archaeologist.


The time traveler continues talking about his mishap

Saying he was trapped here after the blue blood moon blocked the transmissions of his ship. This alien archaeologist explained that what happened was a geological event that, in some way, interrupted the signal, causing his system to fill with external information that basically overheated the entire operating system of his ship. In other words, he is stuck in this age until another research team reaches this age and the Earth.

Oliver could be here just a couple of days more, as it could be years or centuries, because at this time, and much less on this planet, there is no technology to repair the ship.

In this way, the space archaeologist also mentioned certain calamities that will happen on Earth in the future, highlighting a large number of eruptions of volcanoes that will shake the planet.

Emphasize that our biggest problem will be that these eruptions will cause a massive amount of ash that will cover the atmosphere, thus preventing transport mechanisms from working properly. We could not use airplanes or vehicles, since all engines would be damaged almost instantly.

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