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I've been away for a while owing to a bunch of things overwhelming me. What prompts me to vent and rant today is the disgust I feel having watched a video of some "Generation Identity" (from now on, "Generation Wankers") trying to intercept a boat out to transport people out of North Africa over the weekend, which a person of the Generation Wankers calls "illegals" in another video.

As a result of this, I have unsubscribed from the YouTube video of someone I thought was on a good track to being an anarchist alternative media source. I'm not even giving names. That's how disappointed I am.

No human beings are illegal. Your holding a microphone to people who use such terminology and GOING WITH IT instead of questioning the person is disgusting. They are fascists and you're not libertarian. You're full of crap.

They might (heck, even I might) disagree with state policies to "dilute Europe with immigrants," if indeed this is a thing, but the reasons any human being may leave one place and go to another is none of your damn business or mine. Period.

If Generation Wankers really wants to associate with the legacy of the European continent instead of being individuals, they also have to embrace the consequences of centuries of colonialism. Hey, consistency above all else.

To hell with your nations, your borders, and your trash cultures.

Oh and, dear anarchist activists and reporters... Please watch your standards. I was drawing my own conclusions and getting my information pretty well before I even stumbled upon your names, and I can go back to doing that again, no problem. Consider this tough love. I would rather give my attention to a statist with integrity than to an anarchist scheister.

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