Conservative show now "king of late-night" TV

To me this seems like it was always going to happen for the same reason that conservative news stations dominate the TV ratings. There really isn't any comparison between Fox and their nearest competitor because Fox absolutely dominates the news viewership.

Personally, i don't watch Fox or really any news station because I don't like being indoctrinated and Fox does that as well, just in the opposite direction. However, I do get a real kick out of Fox News kicking the asses of CNN, MSNBC, and anyone else on the liberal side of things because I think they are a bunch of sanctimonious jerks.

Late night TV has been very liberal ever since Johnny Carson got out of the game, and some would argue that Carson didn't really want a great deal to do with controversial topics like politics and even though I was very young, I don't recall David Letterman being terribly political either... That is until W Bush came along. Then Letterman, and everyone else went political.


Once Trump came into the picture and Trump-bashing became the name of the liberal game, all three of these guys, who are all liberals, seemed to be vying for space to see how much of their show they could dedicate to bashing the candidate and then later the President. Jimmy Fallon to a lessor degree but Colbert and Kimmel were definitely big-time Trump haters.

This time period is when they lost a lot of their audience as well. Conservatives in general get tired of a show being a one-trick pony and it was every single night where they dedicated basically their entire show to bashing anything conservative. Nobody is going to stick around for that for very long when they are going to have to listen to a one-sided conversation over and over again and at least as far as I could tell, it was Conan O'Brien that stayed away from politics the most, his ratings were always well out of the top 3 quite possibly because of the network that he was on though.

Things have taken a change though, and once again liberals are learning that half of the country doesn't like to be lectured about how everything and everyone conservative is bad when they themselves are the "bad people" you are talking about and a new King of Late Night has recently been crowned and he is a conservative.


Greg Gutfeld's show Gutfeld is now getting bigger numbers than anyone else in the coveted late night talk show spot and I can only guess that this is because conservatives now have a home while since all the other shows are liberal in nature, they basically have to compete with one another. Gutfeld is basically the only conservative voice on late night TV.

Here's the thing though: I watched half an episode of Gutfeld and it isn't particularly funny and it is extremely political but just in the opposite direction. The guests all come on at the same time and it kind of functions as a round-table of sorts in a similar fashion to Bill Maher's show.

So while I love the fact that he is beating out all the "broken record" liberal shows that are one sided, this is fighting fire with fire because Gutfeld is also very one-sided. This is only going to further entrench people in their mindsets of the "us vs them" mentality. I applaud that Gutfeld is number 1 and i hope they will focus on information rather than just the usual indoctrination - but I wouldn't bet on that. Maybe some people will be better informed because of it, I dunno. I don't plan on watching it either way.

Do you?


I watched Gutfield once, kind of by accident - I was in Alaska, so time zone difference aired him quite early. He's even worse that the "traditional" late shows, which can be funny once or twice.

yeah, he's not very good... it just goes to show that people are doing basically everything along party lines these days, and that is just sad.

Fortunately, not only conservatives hate one trick ponies. I feel things shifting. The crap is about to hit the fan big time, but it will be uphill from there. I declare this to be true. I will it. I Matter.

I don't really believe that there are very many people out there that truly believe in the Republican or Democrat parties, but they are all too scared to even have a try at supporting anything else. Libertarians are the next biggest party and they are WAAAAY down the line. I'm actually a registered Democrat because I needed to be in order to vote for a friend of mine who was running for local office. I just left it that way in order to screw up the statistics by one person.

It would be nice if people would exit the duopoly that is US politics, but I wouldn't count on it happening anytime soon. Ross Perot had a real good chance of it back in the day and he was able to show that even back in the early 90's people were fed up with the corrupt 2-party system. He could have won but inexplicably dropped out in the final lap. I'd love to know the real story there but i'd imagine if anyone told that story they would get suicided

I'm also registered Dem, have been for 48 years. I don't care enough to take the time to change that. Near NYC, people are even now insisting that Biden is doing a great job, that the Dem party is near holy, and that the Repubs are spawned of the devil. Very very strange times.

well, it is NYC so of course they are. We have our opinions of the people who are up there and how they live in a dreamland of their own creation. They don't have much in common with the rest of the country, certainly not most North Carolinians. NYC might as well be its own country ideologically speaking.

This keeps me wondering if there is indeed call "TRUTH"

The Conservatives , seldom or never aligns with the Liberals whatsoever and vice versa.

Thus , the middle course alone can be the TRUTH !

i think there was a time when you could bring them together and that was to find a common enemy such as Iraq and Afghanistan or things like that. But the government overplayed that hand and people aren't having it anymore. Now divide and conquer is the name of the game. Objective news stories don't gain any traction because it doesn't contain enough negativity.

I think the solution to all of this is just to move somewhere that shares your political belief system and then you don't really have to worry about it. I don't worry about it where I live because we basically just don't obey any of the laws that are handed down by federal or state governments that the community disagrees with.

Yes ,political ideology should supercede all shenanigans within and between political parties !

America was founded and developed on CONSERVATISM; thus I am a subsisting Conservatist, ready to support whichever party with such leaning!!