There have been so many investments that have existed earlier before now, there are some that are still existing and many will also exist. Most of these investment projects do not really use to stand a test of time because they cannot really manage the rate returns.
If not for the fact that so many investment projects are scams and cannot be trusted, investment is very important and that is why it is important to carefully observe and select the investments we involve ourselves in.
There are a series of investments and it is pertinent to rightly choose the investment project that will be of benefit and compensate you accordingly. We have various business investments like a crypto investment, land buying investment and so on. For you to enjoy investment with trust, numerous compensational earning and transparency, Oniz fund is created.


Oniz fund is an open-source fund that is operated as a decentralised economy. It helps its investors in the generation of capital and also creates a mini project to enhance the earnings of its token holders.


Below are the rate of interest on investment amounts.
From $50 to $999, there is 0.2 to 0.3 percent interest rate per day and 6 to 9 percent in a month
From $1000 to $9999, there is 0.3 to 0.4 percent interest rate per day and 9 to 12 percent on a month
From $10000 to $49999, there is 0.4 to 0.5 interest rate per day and 12 to 15 percent in a month
From $50000 to $100000, there is 0.5 to 0.6 interest rate per day and 15 to 18 percent in a month.


To ensure that the investors have a good time experience with this fund investment it has put in place various investment commendation plans. This commendation plan is quite different from the interest that you are entitled to as an investor. For you to be eligible for this compensation reward, your investment must not be less than that of $500 package. Any investment less than that is only entitled to the investment interest. The commendation plans go like this;
F1 direct commission: This implies the compensation you get on your first referral which is 5%,
F1 income: this is the commendation on your first invested amount and it's 100%
F2 income to F10 is 10 percent: This is a commendation gotten when you have gotten at least 3 F1 direct with the package not less than 500 dollars.
F11 income to F20: This commendation is for investors that have six direct F1 packages not less $500 and also have gotten a minimum of three F1 with 1000 dollars Package. The reward is 5%.
Another commendation level is tagged the VIP level and this level has been categories hierarchically from level one to three. Below is the level analysis;
The VIP LEVEL 1: Here the investor with 500,000 dollars will have two percent of the universal sales.
VIP LEVEL 2: At every sale of 1,000,000 dollars, investors will benefit three percent of the sales made globally. The condition for this level you must have at least one F1 and 1 VIP
VIP LEVEL 3: At this stage level, global sale of 5 percent of the sales made globally is given to investors with 5,000,000 dollars and have 2 F1 VIP 1 and 1 F1 VIP 2.

Tell me, if there is any other investment fund where you can legitimately earn this much. Did you know how many opportunities to earn like this that you have loose? If you are not careful and act fast, you will as well lose this one because the fastest dog, eat the fattest bone.





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