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You have answered everything in a perfect way....
I love the way you sat on the chair ,like you were preparing yourself to answer the question but what i liked was it was almost every time you who would answer the question...
Greetings @ned have been doing great to help this grow...
Before the rapid questioning the question you were asked about the whales always getting the attention which you answered with you will be replacing it with one person one vote ...what if person had multiple accounts....i guess that could again create create an issue...isnt it....

Good work, keep it up! I am sure that it will change many things in the platform.
I just have small suggestions, if you dont mind :)

  1. I think we really need a Steemit Live Chat for emergencies, as we have many phishing attempts everyday. Money should be stopped before they transfer it to Blocktrades or Bittrex and returned to users or reward pool.

  2. Somethig should be done about spamming and selfupvote. Some users spam and upvote their own comments all day. Dont you think they are misusing this option!

  3. I have a suggestion which might be a solution. As voting bots became a part of the community, we cant fight them or remove them. But we can limit users using them. For Example whoever has more than 25000 SP wont be allowed to use voting bots in the future. The 25000 SP is just an example!
    Users who get flagged and loose their reputation for reasons like spam or plagiarism wont be allowed to use bots as well. That way only minnows can use them to be visible. Dolphins and Whales will be on the trending page anyway. They dont need any support to be visible.
    There is another solution which might be even better! Push all promoted posts to the "Promoted" page, whether they use Steemit or voting bots to promote their posts. This method will clean the trending page forever!

  4. Account suspension for every spammer and scammer.

  5. ID verification for all new sign ups to avoid spam and duplicate accounts.

  1. I think we need more customer service. It would be cool if we got more updates.
  2. There is stuff being done about spamming.
  3. I think low steem price is a worse problem than the bots. A lot of bot bidders are taking losses. I think they would be better off buying steem.
  4. I hear they do remove delegations which can help to shut down spammers and scammers.

Thanks for you.. your comment is Best...


Thank you :)


most welcome...


I totally accept with your points @hanen.....
These are the basic problems we face........
I wish @ned would do something abt it


Hopefully! Thank you :)


I think ID verification is a bit too much as most of us like a bit of anonymity and I'm sure but I agree something must be done as it's so frustrating to see comments like the below.


Yes I know! But if can be done after the user gets flagged or reported :)


Liked the way you presented your ideas.
There are many loose ends but they will be fixed with time i guess...

Lets hope for the best...


Thank you! I am glad that you liked them
Yes hopefully things will change soon as possible :)

Not bad. I think you underestimate this platform though. lol You should hire that guy in the middle and me. ;) I'd upvote your post but it looks like you declined payment and I already wasted about 1,000 or so upvotes due to the .02 payout threshold.

Good job is all I have to say.

I watched the stream yesterday. I think @acidyo was the one that shared it, and I must commend you and say that it was impressive and the kind of talk I wanna be hearing.

The genome blockchain talk too. Top notch

Happy Steeming


The future is incentivized :) I also caught this yesterday courtesy of @acidyo well done Ned your a terrific ambassador for Steem :)

Ned for President! (-:

Thanks for sharing, the more communication the better, really if there was a daily/weekly something "official communication from the grand poobas", well, it would be nice to get more regular updates, even if it's just cheerleading at times. (-: Peace


I get a serious "unsung heroes in the shadows" vibe from the way is operating. Which is fine by me as long as there are results.

People have been asking for exactly this (periodical videos from the grand poobas), but well...


Thank you my dear friend... your comment is great...

First:)) Lets dive in!

Thank you @ned for everything, i just joined steemit and am finding it difficult to find friends, i hope it will be easy someday for newbies like me.

Communication is key to building any relationship but we could benefit more if we start promoting more to a wider audience! I wish you could check #promo-steem and @steem-ambassador work, i guarantee you wont be disappointed.

Wowww... This is amazing. Always making us proud. You're simply the best. Wow

Great session @ned. Your work is highly appreciated. After the consensus, we hope for a bull run in crypto

I am happy that steemit Inc team led by you are up and doing and have been really doing a lot of great things underground without making so much noise about it. I firt watch this video at @acidyo blog and later on @surfyogi blog. Keep pushing sir.

You have our supports.

@eurogee of @euronation community

Congratulations your@ned sir... good information news post... my first comment your... that's amazing... upvote and resteemit done sir... best of luck... well done sir....

Great vid ...following ...thanks ....

This is great. You are doing a great job with STEEM @ned

Mr chairman @ned. Do you have any plans of allowing users to create a publication that is separate page from individual pages similar to Medium publication?

Unluckily D.Tube doesn't work. Tested it for a few month but I had to go back to Youtube.

Cool, will watch and cast my feedback ;)

This was one of the most engaging discussions into the adaptation of a new paradigm by our society! It's refreshing to conceive the intention of developers and the possibilities of our collective focus to redefine what community is and can be. "Value" & "Quality" are terms that keep standing out for me in this space and it reminds me of my favorite book "Lila" by Robert Persig, who famously authored "Zen & The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance." These platforms the panel has created, incentivizes people to authentically support what has value for them in society. In this way I think it will cause us to redistribute what, laws, governance, ethics, influence and participation we as individuals have in the direction of our society. I think a lot of the worlds problems stem from sectors of people not having an equal representation or place in society. It's genius to monetize the value of speech or content to everyone. It provides the opportunity to be supported financially for contributing ideas and focused energy towards what "the whole" deems valuable and will serve to naturally suppress what ails it, somewhat like our immune system does. In a way we are creating the checks and balances that manage the architecture of our society to protect and sustain it's healthy existence. Thanks to everybody working towards these pursuits! #AllOne

i encourage you to use dtube more often to help the community grow much stronger and gain popularity around the world....@ned

Interesting subtle message... at 7:40
He said:

they can see the STEEM is trading at a market price of... 10 USD so if they have 10 STEEM they knew they had 100 USD

and not... "they can see the STEEM is trading at a market price of... 0.1 USD so if they have 10 STEEM they knew they had 1 USD

Yes... That's a powerful subliminal message right there :P

Let me watch and listen... Then the comment.

No more words,That was wonderful! @ned !

네드씨 팔로우좀 해주시라니까요 ㅎㅎㅎ

@ned, we host a weekly steemit based talk show called The Resteem Radio Show on Msp Waves. It would be great to interview you sometime! You can check out our most recent show on my blog if you'd be interested in supporting our effort in any fashion whether as a guest or through delegation.

We also do a lot of manual curation as well!

Thanks for all you do @ned!

Damn!! This is amazing @ned.

incentivized is the future........
Thats right being the ambassador of steem @ned.
U r helping us so much.........and keep helping...,..

Its the great platform. But i have taken cheetah as for granted and he has warned several time. I apologize for violating terms due to which i was added in blacklist. I assure steemit team it wont happen again.

Wow that's amazing @ned...

This is a great talk @ned, really enjoyed watching it. You guys touched on and clarified some very important issues. I think steemit and all its related platforms are in for a bright future.Looking forward to the SMTs. Congratulations -Long live steem :)

This is a great point @ned.

People rise to the top and they become whales, they become really dominant. And in some cases you folks etc... In some cases, they suck off all the air in the room. The attention goes to them, few other people rise up every now and then and its tough! etc.

You have a great answer but I feel that you have a little doubt to your answer? Do not go wrong with what I say. But we all know that we can't control the whales for what they want to do for the Steem Power except for the real responsible person? And to find out who is this, you need to know his real intention on this Steem Power and how he/she can contribute in Steemit like the other whales do.

Yes, let's accept the fact that this platform made to make money and to help others. But what are you going to do? There is a lot of people struggle with upvote even their article has a good quality and because of that many stopped using Steemit.

But what I did, I try to convince them and this what I said.

Instead of posting and telling some story in the other platform and you are not earning even cents, shout out in Steemit and even my voting power is still low I will give you my upvote and comment.

I am happy at Steemit that you made. That is why I am promoting this to all Filipino people around the Philippines even I will call them for a long distance from the United Arab Emirates.

If God gives me a chance to go back to the Philippines this coming July or December for vacation, I will conduct a meeting in 4 big schools in the Philippines to help and to teach the students and teachers how to use Steemit by the help of my Filipino Steemians. And in God will, after 4 years I would like to stay in my country with my family and I will do work as a fulltime Steemit user and I will go to the school of the Philippines to introduce the Steemit.

I do not know if it's true or not what messages you receive on the steem chat...

Mi gratitud por tu trabajo es infinita, no tengo com pagarte todo lo que steemit a hecho por mi, en las peliculas existen heroes en el mundo real existen personas como tu ....tu eres mas que un super heore....gracias por steemit

Wow! Really impressive @ned well done 👏👏👏👏

I stayed extra time at the office to finish up the interview. It is very exciting to see our main man represent Steemit in such a professional and perspective matter.

Nice work. Shared to facebook and twitter. But Ned ... when you talk about account based voting shifting from weighted voting, you scare me because you take away the carrot for building up steem power and maintaining a stake in the platform. This could cause a crash in steem. That is not good for anyone. The whales could just cash-out their steem and go home.

A slight shift in vote-power would make a big difference ... something like giving dolphins and minnows a little more vote-weight for the SP they hold and featuring curated blogs on the login page and not bit-botted work, but still have a promoted section for bit-botted work.

You might also offer a minimum assured vote value regardless of SP. Say, every steemian in good standing gets at least 10 2cent votes a day.

Just some ideas. There is a lot talk about the problems on steemit and they get hilighted but if you dig below the surface, you will find there is a lot about steemit that works very well. From where I am siting, we don't need to tear down the voting system, just tweak it.


Steemit is setting the pace. I'm glad to see competition in the game as well. It makes creators up their game...awesome!!!

The opening postures say it all.
Old conservative.
Young conservative.
Young moderate.

The only tie has its top button undone.
That none of the speakers has a tie, and one of them sneakers, speaks well to the freedom of the future.
Uniforms are for slaves.

The blockstack guy on your left was always interrupting you. But I appreciated what you said. We def need to hear more of your thoughts.

Good work

@ned why do you always wear that same black shirt? 😆

I saw this video streaming in the other day. I wish you will hold meetings with various world leaders near soon. Steemit has brought in great positive changes in the lives of so many people. It is fascinating to see how this platform has uplifted many regions in the world where even their governments stood helpless.

Hats off @ned for being part of this great platform, steemit!

Thank you so much for everything and wish Steemit all the best !!!!`~~~~ ;)

great job! by the way, my blog may be the most accurated forecasts on the markets here..plse check out..thnx.