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This is a study of consciousness and its relation to nature through a mathematically complex system of measure known as God(π7).

Unfortunately I've had to reupload Illuciferium to YouTube as the Dtube platform often fails to load the video below. The message is too important to withhold from those who may not be familiar with blockchain technology or the necessity for decentralized data, let alone cryptocurrency and steemit.

If you are able to watch Illuciferium in Source Quality HD via Dtube I would love that you choose that option.

Illuciferium is also uploaded to Bitchute.

Within this study I have redefined Pi(π) as a multi-dimensional ark that exists in three degrees: 90°, 180° and 360°.

This ark is confined to the four cornered coordinates of a square.

Have I uncovered a correlation between the study of pattern mathematics and the Biblical story of NOAH's Ark through my study? What do you think?

I have designed this graphic key to better help you visual this foldable ark, which seems to embody the characteristics of the Trinity. N, A and O = 1


It takes a bit of creative thought to wrap your head around the equality within this equation.

If you understand some of the laws associated with (meta)physics you can imagine NOAH's Ark as a bendable equidistant measurement that represents a transfer of energy or information, catalyzed by a singularity, effectively developing a multidimensional polar vortex full of force creating what is known as toroidal flow.

It is through the mathematical analysis of NOAH's Ark that we discover the Golden Ratio.


However, we must define the mathematical structure by the laws of nature. As above, so below. Polarity.


Pi(π) is currently defined as a transcendental number, approximately 3.14159, represented by the symbol π, that expresses the ratio of the circumference to the diameter of a circle and appears as a constant in many mathematical expressions.


What is critical to note here is that the measuring tool known as the diameter is a straight line. The result 3.14159^ is collected by measuring a 180° circuitous ark, by half of its liner base(radius or r, r = 1).

I'd like to bring to our attention that measuring curvature with perfectly straight lines seems illogical, or to take this one step further - a malicious choice to steer that mathematical curriculum's narrative.

Within Illuciferium you will be introduced to the differing functionalities between circuitousness and linearity, and how they coexist. When incorporating consciousness, this is primarily know as the study of sacred geometry.

Pi can be broken down into a ratio equaling 2. Tao is 2 Pi ratios equaling 4. This system remains cyclical and infinite.

Pi = π = 2 = 1,1
Tao = τ = 4 = 2,2 = 1,1,1,1
Phi (Golden Ratio)= φ = τ+/-π = a+b+=c

-∞,-π,τ ,π,∞

The quarter circle's 90° ark deserves a unique identity, as it plays a critical role in the system of experience.

Here is a sketch of the of the new symbol I've designed.


I think I will call it the Tres. The Tres represents Pi in either of its three degreed states.

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Welp, that was rad. Got anymore? Thanks for post.


There is so much more..

Illuciferium was necessary to develop first as our key, a prequel to the book of Genesis.

Illuciferium is a study of consciousness and its relation to nature using a mathematically complex system of measure known as God(π7).

When we can understand that God is 7 Pi ratios in sequence which accurately express cell division outside of space-time, we can move forward mathematically. It's difficult to think outside of our programming at first.

A deeper Bible study is planned, which will drive our attention to the sacred geometric system of the coordinate, and its unfolding from Seed, Flower to Fruit of Life and its relations to the Tree of Life (Kabbalah). This is quantum physics.

The Kabbalah is an esoteric method, discipline, and school of thought that originated in Judaism. However quantum physics was around long before any self identified Jew.

If you watch Illuciferium, you will see at minute 15:00-15:10 the Israel and United States flag waving over the catastrophic damage church and state have made on our lives.

Illucifer is planning a detailed piece on occultist corporate symbolism and will explain how to counter act these spells and use them to empower the self, rather than to further disconnect your spirit.


Encrypted Spiritual Anarchy vs. Centralilzed Religious Statism

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