Sacred Geometry, Love, and The New World

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Hi Steemers,

I became a little bit obsessed with sacred geometry a few years ago and wrote down some thoughts. I have never shared those thoughts publicly but I have decided to share my views here! Please let me know what you think!

Flower of Life

In Sacred geometry we see that the platonic solids can be derived from the flower of life. The platonic solids are the only five convex polyhedra that are known to exist. It is interesting that there are only five that are perfectly convex, meaning equal on all lines, planes, and angles. They are called platonic solids because Plato wrote about them. He correlated them to the elements and spoke of them as the building blocks of everything. I would like to do the same here, but propose a new set of elements. In an effort to classify everything, the classification system below correlates the suggested elements with the five senses and the platonic solids. It is not completely clear to me which platonic solids correlate to the specific classifications presented.

Class - Sense - Platonic Solid

Solid - Touch - Hexahedron (Cube)

Liquid - Taste - Tetrahedron (Pyramid)

Gas - Smell - Octahedron

Sound - Hearing - Dodecahedron

Light - Sight - Icosahedron

The only one that doesn’t fit perfectly with the five senses is liquid - taste, but I think these classifications could be an alternate way of categorizing the elements. Fire is another problem, because it doesn’t fit nicely into any of these classifications. As my nephew in the fire academy explained to me, fire is a transition from solid to gas. There are definitely problems with this classification system, but it seems to classify most physical things and even gives two good categories for the more subtle, vibrational energies. Light is used here to classify all electromagnetic energy which consists of much more than just visible light.

Sound would seem to be the other natural category for vibrational energy, because light can exist in space where there is no matter and sound has to do with the vibrating of matter. Light waves are transverse, where sound waves are longitudinal. There are however even more subtle energies that this classification system might not address such as ideas and feelings. There seems to be two more categories that are needed or these two categories are so subtle that they underly all of the other categories.

Thought and emotion are representations of the masculine and feminine principles that are found everywhere in this polarized reality. It is interesting to note that the polarized reality that we perceive currently is only a product of this small limited viewpoint that we have taken on as humans. If you back up your viewpoint far enough so that you see the curvature of the earth, then the solar system, then the milky way galaxy, then the universe, and so on, you can get an idea of how this limited view point creates the polarities. Because here we can look around and experience things like night and day, up and down, north and south, past and future, spirit and matter, life and death, but with a bigger view point you see that these things are only realities for creatures with a tiny view point.

It is an experience that we chose to have. As humans, we are experiencing this limited point of view where everything is broken down, separated, and looked at on a tiny scale in comparison the grand universe. If we do this viewpoint experiment, and have an understanding of physics, at least to the point where we understand that everything is energy and everything is connected, we can realize that there is only the one thing. This one thing is separated into two things and then a myriad of things from there. This one thing is called many things including Energy, Consciousness, Love, etc. The true reality is that All is One. This is what Hermes Trismigistis was talking about when he said, in Isaac Newton’s interpretation, “And as all things have been & arose from one by the mediation of one: so all things have their birth from this one thing by adaptation.”

Thought and emotion can also be equated with the strait line and the circle. Circles are the only thing that make up the flower of life, so it is interesting that from the flower of life, you can derive all the platonic solids, which are made up of only strait lines. This may imply that this reality is made up by our thoughts and emotions. This idea is an old idea in the East, but is finally spreading like wild fire now in the West. The movie, “The Secret” introduced many people to the idea, that we manifest our reality with our thoughts and emotions.

Also, the famous double slit experiment in which it was observed that the observing of the experiment affected the outcome. This proves that our perception creates our reality. If this is truly the case, how can you use this knowledge to create the reality that you desire. The answer is to simply love everything, including yourself and know that there is a reason for everything, even the things that seem to be horrible and random. If nothing else, those things are here to show us that they are not the way and to guide us to a more beautiful physical reality.

Thought and emotion are represented in human form by the heart and mind. This implies that humans have the ability to create the reality that they want for themselves and collectively we have the ability to create the reality that we all want. The combination of thought and emotion will get us there. Thought or reason by itself can do some work in that direction. This may not fit perfectly with the readers reasoning and if it doesn’t, then you obviously don’t need to accept. In fact, you should question everything suggested here and look into it for yourself to come up with your own conclusion. By accepting something to be true just because someone else does or the majority does can cause us, as a group, to accept and act in some despicable ways.

If you answer "no" to any of the following questions that is ok, but if you answer yes to all three, consider the possibilities. Do you believe that you can do anything you put your mind to? Do you want to be happy? Don’t we create more happiness by helping each other than by hurting each other. If you answer yes to all three of these questions, then we can conclude that if we can do whatever we put our minds to, we all want to be happy, and we can create more happiness by helping each other, than why don’t we go ahead create the beautiful abundant reality that we have the ability to. If we can dream it, we can do it. It is my opinion that it is our destiny and at this point an inevitability. That being said, it is still up to us do it.

The Hindus, the Mayans, and the Hopi, are just three examples of peoples that spoke of different ages and that we would one day enter a golden age. There are also modern profits that spoke of this coming golden age including Beinsa Douno. A student of his, whom consider a great teacher of this time, was Omraam Mikael Aivanhov and all of his lectures were about perfecting ourselves and in doing so bringing The Kingdom of Heaven to Earth.

We need to understand that we are all part of this Earth equally. No one person or group of people has more of a right to any piece of land or piece of fruit than anyone else. It doesn’t matter if you planted the tree and took care of it, it still depended on the sunlight and the earth to grow and it is good to work with the earth and the sun in this way, but it does not give you more of a right to this tree than anyone else. If we all learn to work in harmony with the universe and create in this way without the need to have complete ownership over it, this will be a step in the right direction. A step towards creating the joyful abundant reality that we are now working towards. I understand that there are problems with people who come along and want to take every piece of fruit on the tree, but if we acted a little more cooperatively and less selfishly we could all benefit. This will happen some day. Thanks for reading.


Sacred geometry is very cool. I definitely agree. I believe that it is evidence that points directly to a creator.

dude i was so into sacred geometry and stuff like this a couple of years ago.

I began to base my entire belief system on the golden ratio (phi).

This is a excellent read man.

It is cool that I can comment on this 2 years later. :-)

Thanks for sharing this again on Discord.

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