Connor McGregor is a Sellout, Clinton's Haiti, Corona World Order, France, Greece, Clown World Rise Up

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Connor McGregor is a Sellout, Clinton's Haiti, Corona World Order, France, Greece, Clown World Rise Up

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This was another epic broadcast where we covered a myriad of topics. The ever growing Illuminati New World Order was exposed, and we reviewed the furthering into the medical tyranny of Covid 1984. We see mandatory vaccines on the horizon and the time to arm up and fight back is upon us.

From Clown World actors such as Antifa, freedom phones and the like AMDOCS has it all recorded for Israel. The Six Eyes Alliance as you call it. They even have what Ed Buck who is facing trial has done.

Connor McGregor found himself in our cross hairs tonight for good reason, as he is a rapist and a sore loser. Broke his ankle = good.

I covered the January 6 psyop run by fed informants at the US Capitol building, including how the Qanon Shaman had full Satanic Symbolism on display for his photo opps. All staged.

YouTube Segment, I delete the livestream and re-upload the YouTube safe content which is about 5% of the show. This is a short segment from the end of last nights show on Crypto Currency. I discuss in this section how the US Fed is printing money and causing massive inflation. Meanwhile crypto is a great way to save yourself from inflation. At the same time the Fed is talking CBDC's, they already have "digital dollars" in USDC and they are trying to ban all competition to the USDC stable coin they own. We then discussed how the best crypto is pirate chain because it is private.

Not financial advice.

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