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The Congressional Version of "DO YOU WANT TO TRADE SOME SHITCOINS" by Fyrstikken - Add me on for Social Media!

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Hahahahaha.. may be that Donald put it in his playlist! :D


Haven't heard this in a long time!

Some of those coins you said in there, man.. They bring back memories. Or should I say PTSD! 😂

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No, i want to hodl bitcoin.

Maybe dumb my steem before they are worthless

I was inspired to buy Potcoin with this song of you @fyrstikken ;(
Now I am a big shitcoin bag holder.

hah but that video was from YEARS ago and he didnt tell anyone to buy potcoin, in fact he was making fun of the coins for being "shitcoins" all the way at the bottom :D

Yes I am not blaming him though but I just have to HODL lol. @ackza @tyran
@fyrstikken I love you :P

i find it funny when people who are in favor of the drug war buy potcoins of weedcash 😂😂

Now that was epic!! Well done Bravo!!!
Instant classic!!

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Thankyou for sharing this information with us. Masaladesi

This is the best thing I have ever seen!! Legend!!!

No, I don't want to trade some Shitcoins (^-^)

Me dormí con esa canción tan romántica tratando de identificar...jejeje

Noo man que genial es encontrar alguien hablando español

La dvd, primero que consigo hablando español. Apenas llevo un día xD

ahora 5 xD,
espero que tengas suerte con la plataforma, yo aún no la termino de comprender.
Al parecer hay varios clientes que usan la misma cuenta, no se no entiendo nada XD

Si, y que genial poder contactar con ustedes. Gracias.


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hYPE vS aNtIhYpE

And im dead...... lol Congressional version #classic

Xossip has a lot of alternatives, check them out.

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Very amusing and apropos

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This is Really Amazing..

Shitcoins holding very risky. Thanks for this interesting post.



This was hilarious! I used to hate when my daughters sing this song... Now I will have a good laugh each time they do!

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Bravo my bro for this epic video!!

Jajajaja Gran canción!!! Eres mi nuevo cantante Disney preferidooo!!! xD

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man, fyrst, bro, dude, you da mvp, you da star of this game

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In shitcoins they trust

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so many virtual currencies in the world that it is difficult to give an opinion
Why can not a country implement it as a way of non-negotiation?

That's amazing, brooo xdxd

Thanks for this nice explanation!

I love your beard man! Awesome!

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why not that's the only thing best to do right now lol

Thanks for the post.


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Nice post

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Amazing information, thanks. couchtuner

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