Terran Continuum Cultivation part 2 Life

in #confusion5 years ago

Life is an illusion

That is not to say your experience of life isn't real
The reading of these words is real.
What's not real is your understanding of the situation.

A human being can be likened to a whirlpool.
In that your life is an event,
not a static object but countless objects flowing.

This may seem like I'm being whimsical or silly.
I am however quite serious.
It is important you understand this.
You need to know, the way in which How you are.

Anything can be used as an example, but
A wave will be suitable for visualizing

A rising up comes forth to be
Across a body called a sea
Drops of water seethe within
A devilish sometimes coyish grin
Rained from heavens to the sea
Passing a place we never see
All the while blowing winds
Are pushed and pulled across the skin

The shining moon while hurtling round
Pulling heaving from from the ground
In due course to meet again
Its start is never at an end

Burning lights across the time
Blue-green marble watch it shine

Within the wave, can you now see
A view of forests through a tree
Each vantage point unique and clear
Stretched, pulled out, sine waves to hear
Every point can be then graphed
Cold precise unyielding math

Pulling out, it's pushing in
Can you tell where the songs begins?

Now in you mind, what does erupt?
What we cast off mindless fluff
From one small wave infinity
Racks through a mind perpetually

Now calm yourself and let it rest
Breathe deeply, not through your chest
Calm and slow, so hear it now
You are the one, your sacred cow

Where and when did you start?
It'll take a while to sink in, but you're it.
You're factually the whole show.
You matter infinitely,
You always have and you always will, no matter how hard you try not to.


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