what should I post? --- Confused!!!

in #confused4 years ago

Hi everyone, have a pleasant day to all of us. My concern is here, I am just new to this website. Its been a week I guess since I enter here. I'm confused about the post should I write and the tags. The days that I enter this website I made 3 post, 1st is about myself. I introduce myself and i wrote everything that I can about me. 2nd post is a quote/sayings about life that I personally made. And the 3rd one is about me, how I handle a problem by smiling. All of that post won't work. I mean i'm confuse on what should I write that can caught attention. Should I post about food? about life? sayings and quotes? I am not that desperate. I just wanted to know how this website work so that I can enjoy making a post here. Alright? alright!