Central Bankers Begin To Panic, Is The US Leaving The WTO - Episode 1604a

in confidence •  8 months ago

Consumer confidence slides, people are nervous about the economy. Americas spending grows faster than income. This will not end well. Inflation is inching up and when it takes off people will not be able to make ends meet. There is a report that Trump is getting to remove the US from the WTO, but Mnuchin is saying no this is not true. It would make sense because Trump is making bilateral trades with many countries and there is no reason to go through a centralized trade organization. The central banker and the globalists are very worried and they are panicking now. T

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Thanks again, Dave. X22Report is one of my favorites. Right up there with the X22ReportSpotlight.

Thank you Dave for the information.

the WTO? you mus be kidding. what made you think that, did i miss the reference. That would be something else, man. can you imagine. wow.

He has until the end of the year to start putting these traitors into a prison and start military tribunals .