Series Review: Condor

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I’ll start by talking about the opening scene in the first episode where a cute brunette in army uniform slits a cowboy’s throat in the middle of the desert. Scene is as beautiful as it is shocking. Psycho. I just like it when females get to play such roles in a movie or TV show.

My English dictionary has four meanings for the word “Condor” all of which are nouns. One is about some almost extinct vultures in Calfornia. Two is a South American gold coin with a figure of said vultures in one. Three is an Argentinian short range ballistic missile. Four it’s a golf reference for “Four under par”. Make use of this information what you may.

This new 2018 TV series is based on a novel “Six days of the Condor” by James Grady. Must’ve been one hell of a fire novel. Shame I hadn’t read it. So the series is about CIA stuff. The CIA had an underground analytics taskforce or organization that developed an algorithm to combat threats abroad. The thing is shelved for some time and later used on US soil as not originally intended. It brings up someone who gets busted and their skull burst in with copper as well. This first attack on 80,000 americans was meant to be a success so as to justify a greater retaliation by the CIA on the muslim world.

                    “Us Vs them will get us extinct”

Despite the failure of the initial attack, the retaliation plan remained in play. This is basically similar to the conspiracy theories that 9/11 was an inside job meant to justify the unending war on terror which Uncle Sam has greatly profited from despite spending billions of dollars and American lives annually. Pseudo-peace keepers.
These are biologically attacks and one of the CIA analysts gets too close to unravelling the whole thing which gets his entire team killed. He survives. He’s framed and is now a fugitive. While a fugitive he’s still looking for a way to stop the retaliation attack.

What I liked;

  1. Gabrielle Joubert: She’s a bad b!**h this one and also my favourite. Former Israeli Special Forces and now a CIA assassin with probably some mental issues. She has neither remorse nor mercy and derives pleasure from watching the life seep out of her victims. She’s our main character’s worst nightmarecondor-cast_leem_600x800.jpg
  2. Gabrielle’s murder scenes. The throat slitting in the opening scene in episode one plus the shooting up of about 6 people in blind darkness.
  3. Kate the tinder date. She was lovely.
  4. Uncle Bob. Cool old uncle this one.

What I disliked;

  1. Gabrielle killed Kate the tinder date.
  2. They kill off characters in almost every episode. Step aside Game of Thrones.

Analysts have rated it averagely 8.5/10. I give it 9/10. A must watch. Enjoy.

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