Do you know the right way to use condoms? ☑️

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Condom use is essential for safe sex But know if using condoms correctly? Everyone knows the benefits of condoms But if a condom is for you, that may never be the case Brands like the choice 1 after seeing different ads But when it comes to condom use, yes or no Not all condoms are for everyone .

 Small Fit, Regular Fit, Large Fit 3 There are three sizes of condoms on the market Buying clothes like looking at the size of the face, condoms are also available at the same size Since sex education is not particularly focused on the country, in many cases the use of travel and error. Condom use is one such thing First you need to know what size condoms you will find comfortable If you do not buy a size that fits your breast size, it may be smaller or larger If small, it is likely to burst during millennia When grown up it can be loose .

Buy a taste condom? Condoms are available in multiple flavors and looks of the market Some are ripped or some are spotted All of this helps increase your sexual tension .

When buying a condom, keep in mind what the condom is made of Condoms 1 can be made of various components such as silicone, polyetherin or latex But what if these ingredients do not cause any problem in your body? Be careful 1 No allergy to condoms Lubrication is also emphasized Because of this, the level of sexual pleasure increases several times Experts say that using silicon-based lubricants or water-based lubricants is good Because the oil or jelly lubricant can be sprung early .

Look at the packet and buy a condom Packet contains condom expiry date It should be in the head Because the use of old condoms can create many complications Condoms must be kept very carefully just like drugs at home .

Keep the head light when using a condom So that there is no difficulty in semen .

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