Pull Request Submitted - Updated Welcome Page Content

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The "Welcome Page" was in need of an update. This is the first page that new users see after creating an account. Currently the page shows them the cool looking "Welcome to Steemit" image, but below was just the table of contents. I thought it would be helpful for new users to have some introductory information below the image, to keep them interested in the page.

Above the TOC, it will read:

This page is full of information to help you learn about the platform and become a successful Steemian. You can return to this page at any time by clicking on the "Welcome" link in the main menu. There is a table of contents below to help you navigate the page.

Included on the page is a "Quick Start Guide" with information on how the platform works, and a "To Do List" with recommended steps to get started with your account.

Below that is a section of "Helpful Posts from Steemit Users", which contains a collection of posts from users in the community that are helpful for new users getting started.

Below that is a list of recommended users to follow, a collection of other resources including the FAQ Page, and information on where to find live help.

In addition to that change, I also made several other edits:

  • I added information for how to connect with the Minnow Support Group.
  • I removed the reference to Poloniex, so it now just lists BlockTrades and Bittrex as exchanges.
  • Removed / updated outdated information.
  • Added information for updating the cover image.
  • Update the list of "Helpful Posts from Steemit Users".

The pull request can be viewed here:

The PR is not accepted yet, but I plan to work with Steemit, Inc. to make any edits necessary to get it approved. Hopefully we will see the changes up on the live site soon!


I think posts like this are great because it shows the community that you can submit changes to the Steemit platform by sending a pull request.

I agree! I'd like to see more people doing it :)

its a great and commendable work done by @timcliff ......nice job man...it would be very very useful...

Thanks a lot ...steem on...& Stay Blissful....

Thank you for the updates, thank you for coding for improvement

"I removed the reference to Poloniex, so it now just lists BlockTrades and Bittrex as exchanges." Thinking a lot of people are gonna cheer you for that ^.^

I think people cheer for that! You can see it!

Thanks for keeping the welcome page current and following through on the github request you created.

Thank you @timcliff for sharing your post and great work

Wel done @timcliff sir..
Thank you so much sharing this uptade with us..I'm become your fan...I'm regular reader in your blog now..
Happy steeming...happy helping...keep it up post...

Cool, thank you :)

I really enjoyed your post, thank you for sharing with us. Enjoy the vote!

With the amount of talent we have on here at this point, there is no reason that we can't take steemit to the moon. The funny thing is, the guys who are really good at development are busy making big money, the last thing they want to do is get off work and develop their own social media platform. I love the fact that steemit is still new like this. Makes me feel like I am apart of something.

Thanks bro Welcome page is awesome concept for steemit :)
Really great post @timcliff

@timcliff, thanks for all the work you to help the on boarding process for new steemit user.

I look forward to seeing how the recommended changes welcome in the newest members to our community!

Minnow support contact was needed a great deal. It all sounds like a fine tune up, thank you.

Thank you timcliff. You are always looking out for the platform.

You know, for people like me who sometime jump in the pool before they know how to swim (kinesthetic learners who learn by doing), I tend to skim through welcome information. But, if I know that it will help me be successful (the following information will help you navigate your way to becoming a successful Steemian.) as oppose to a suggestion that the info might be helpful, I'd be more inclined to stop. And, after experiencing my head swimming through minnow hood, I think new usesr must read through it!

Yeah, so... this is awesome!

Thanks for doing that! Sounds like it will give new users a boost!

wow these are great updates @timcliff thanks a lot, upped and thanks for your advise on how to be successful here which motivated me to write my latest blog post (i refrenced you there) feel free to read it, more success.

Do you have to be a developer to submit pull requests? I've been advocating for a night theme for a while.

Well, anyone is able to open a GitHub account and submit a pull request. You probably need some development experience to be able to do anything useful though :)

It is very useful, thanks alot.
enjoy the upvote

You da man!

thank you for the great work @timcliff this much better

Great work @timcliff This is a very good update, because the appearance of the site is very important, and I'm glad that you make it better!

The changes and updates look good. More information and easier for new users to see first thing. Thanks for sharing. Good job!

In if the page is very unfriendly with the users if we talk about what is being its design but it is very encouraging to see that they worry about this and it fences improving little by little: D

If you have any suggestions on ways to improve it, let me know.

Great thinking, these are the kind of things that always need thoughtful attention, peace

awesome post @timcliff , very helpful thank you so much

Hello, I'm Venezuelan and I'm new to steemit. Can you give me your vote in my last post?

No. Sorry, but comments like this are considered spam. Many users will actually downvote for this.

I think it should be changed!! Renewal should be done.

Tim your the man, you earned a new follower from @thefollower -_- Like money? Read my blogs for more!

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