Ads are *actually* going to be added to Steemit

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Once PR #3151 is merged, Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) will be displayed on Steemit post lists, on the right side bar (below the "Updates Log"). These "post lists" are the Trending, New, Hot, Promoted tabs at the top, and your feed. Presumably the ad revenue will go to Steemit Inc. Currently, no ads will be displayed on the contents of posts.

Before there was a framework in place, and Google tracking activated, but no ads were displayed. This PR (authored by @rjungemann, who added the code that laid the framework for this previously) just places the ads in certain locations, and didn't actually have any significant code changes or development.

Here is a never before seen screenshot of the updated Condenser, with the Google ads. I took the screenshot on my own Steemit (actually Condenser, but that doesn't matter) instance, with the Google Ads changes. Unfortunately since my test instance hasn't been approved to show ads, I'll have to represent where ads will be with a blue rectangle. I also have to zoom out so you can see the entire ad:


Note that currently ads will not be shown for mobile users, as there is no space for an ad that tall on small screens. I suspect this will change in the future though.

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That's interesting, I highly doubt one ad space on desktop and only on the feed page is going to do much in terms of driving revenue. I run ads on my site (80k hits p/m) and my best performing ads are contextual ones inside blog posts.

I think if they ran dfp and run competiting adnetworks against one another then perhaps it could help as well as selling direct advertising in the space they could really create a solid revenue stream.

Looks like another hint for some nefarious undisclosed strategy by Steemit Inc to voluntarily destroy any last bit of good reputation they may still have. Incompetence really is no sufficient explanation ;)
Including g Ads is such a deal with the devil


Let's hope that isn't the case.
My favorite ad is still ad fundum

Happy new year, buddy! :>)

Just do not put ads to the article itself, I am contented with it.

If I got annoyed by the ads posting, I might just use @partiko or @busy instead.

Hope this will stabilize the cost of maintaining the nodes.

When will this be implemented ?

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Interesting, so much for innovative forms of revenue. Still, considering the circumstances I would have done the same thing.

Perhaps this will be a good way of showing that Steem is not Steemit. Ads will push certain people to the other front-ends like

There will always be an ad-free option to view the blockchain. It will be nice to showcase the differences of blockchain compared to traditional social media.

Steemit is highly anxious to drive usage rate of their dapp to zero...

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