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RE: Calling Community Developers - Let's Polish The Mothership!

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If it's the time to talk about improvements, i have a list here:

  • The Ability to Pin at least 5 post on your profile.
  • A new tab/tabs on Steemit Home Page like "Random Post/s" and "Random Author/s"
  • A search box. (for homepage and profile)
  • The Ability to have Categories on your Profile. (like that you can organize better your posts)
  • A box on your profile where you can recommend to the people other people/friends which are posting on Steemit.
    (by the way this page seems to be dead for me)
  • A dedicated page with Tutorials for newcomers or something to make people to understand this platform.
  • A new "about page" -> this one is dead
  • Try to integrate tools direct on steemit, i've seen a lot tools but for each one i have to visit another domain.
  • A bit more intuitive/friendly interface.
  • A new editor for posts or improve this one, add more options.

And maybe more in the future...Still thinking how we can stop the spammers...


This are very simple things that looks like no one care in Steemit.Inc. Til now everytime I read an update or a post about Steemit problems are all about programming or technical stuff but nothing about interface or relation user-web, navegability, information and so on... to many programmers and few or no designers (UI and so on) at all! When both stuff are very important! Normal people do not care at all how it works in the background Steemit, when will be the day that programmers will realize that????

And even so they are so dedicated to the "technical problems" I have read some post who talks about problems in scalation of the platform, the problem who I am really afraid of because means Steemit can not grow as they promise.

I really really hope for the good of the platform but the actions of Steemit.Inc (or not actions at all) does not look good for the future from my point of view... and I am here since more than one year now.(with the english account @juanmiguelsalas not this one)

Be patient. It is a beta website, and right now they are working on laying the foundation for things to come. They understand that the things you mentioned are important, and they are not stupidly ignoring them. Things need to be done in the right order, and there is still a lot of technical/geeky stuff that has to get done.

Hi @timcliff! Do you know that I ask for the same "problems"(kind of) in the SteemFest 1? That was last year.... At that time i got as an answer that would be hiring a group of UI designers or something like that... Steemfest 2 is almost there and I do not see a lot of change(there were some done, minimun changes) I honestly do not think that to change to a better interface is a diffccult job (I also made web design in some moments of my live so I could say I know wha I am talking about it) or need more than 6 months. But what I know working with coders and programmers is that they really do not care about UI design or things like that, and it is ok, I complete understand that has nothing to do with their jobs so is secundary in their minds. They are not "stupidly" ignoring them just think is not so important.

Things need to be done in the right order,, and there is still a lot of technical/geeky stuff that has to get done.

Right order for who? From a technical point of view (developer) you are right but from a user point of view, sorry but I disagree with you. You can have development in both parts, geeky stuff and UI and more design related stuff at the same time.

And do not get me wrong, I am in Steemit now since more than one year and will be still here next year for sure. I really like Steemit and can see the great future can have but ...

Edit: sorry, I answer with my english account. It is the same person ;)

The original plan was to hire UI designers, but from what I heard they got refocused into mobile and communities.

I realize from an end user perspective, everyone wants the UI/UX features that mainstream users expect from social media platforms.

The goal is to take the platform mainstream. End users are not necessarily going to know the right way to get us there though. Building a bunch of bells and whistles, and changing the UI design when there are plans for changes that will be altering how the whole platform works (like communities) is not smart actually from a business/development perspective.

and changing the UI design when there are plans for changes that will be altering how the whole platform works (like communities) is not smart actually from a business/development perspective.

It will be soooo different the website with the "communities" and "go mobile" that it has to change overall even the design UI/UX of the complete site? And again you are thinking from a bussines/developer perspective. You should think a bit in the users who are the people who will support the platform with content at the end. And actually as a bussines who depend of the users I personally would disagree with this strategy (my bussines perspective) I would try to get a balance between everything.

Look, normal people need to see things changing, at least a bit. And give some design changes that take a looot less time that developing changes normally will make people happy. You should have seeing that on Facebook, they release things drop by drop and people get happy even if they do not get paid there :o)... And normally you do not make big changes from one day to the other also. At least I would not do it in that way.

End users are not necessarily going to know the right way to get us there though.

I think you are underestimating end users a bit here. And more in Steemit where there is a "Public opinion" that normally is listened. (or it supose to be listened)

Pd: sorry for my english... it is not the best but I hope you can understand what i mean.

Be patient. That's about the only advice I have to give. If you don't like what they are doing, there are other projects like and others that are more focused on the front end UI stuff. It is not that Steemit doesn't consider that stuff important, but they are a relatively small team, and they have other priorities at the moment.

Yes I will :) but.... In the meantime

Edit: This is what I was talking about it, sadly is not Steemit.

I took a quick look. I'm not sure what you wanted me to see. It looks like they are still in the phase of trying to raise money though an ICO.

Good suggestions!

Those are good suggestions, can I also add some thoughts:

  • direct messaging system, including group chat functionality inside Steemit (instead of having to go to Discord or
  • next to 'home', 'new', 'hot', 'trending' and 'promoted' a 'curated' tag, where posts appear that have been selected by different curating groups (like curie, whalepower, PAL, minnowbooster, etc)
  • Ability to sub-categorize your feed, make different lists of people you follow so you can have a specific feed for for example"funny accounts", "photographers", "steemit developers", etc. When you are following more than 200 people, the feed really becomes disorganized. (Twitter has this feature, called Twitter lists, it's a life saviour for me)