Mobu cherishing the world| 205 Steem Dollars Writing Contest- My Entry

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Hello everyone, I come to talk today about a very important topic, This is my entry for the sponsored writing contest organized by @monajam

hoy les hablare de Mobu

What is Mobu?

As you will see Mobu is an intelligent and imaginative contract stage, whose main objective is to close the current hole between the stock exchange system, is an ecosystem that presented and uses a remarkable standard convention for the complete and most prominent insurance of its financial specialists and sponsors of ICO, the ultimate goal of making a situation of better ICO administration costs that makes it more focused than the SEC and each of the laws, including KYC / AML.

MObu also is a decentralized and creative blockchain platform for the release of security tokens. The main objective of Mobu is to eliminate the operational and technical difficulties associated with the creation of an ICO. Mobu creates a secure, organized and easy platform.

Defining a security token

Security tokens are assets of real value. They represent an important investment of capital by their holders.
Failure to comply with these regulations could result in costly penalties and could threaten to derail a project. However, if a boot meets all of its regulatory obligations, the security token classification creates the potential for a wide variety of applications, the most promising of which is the ability to issue tokens representing company shares, including tokens. They represent traditional assets such as capital, debt, derivatives and real estate.

security token

so to speak, for Mobu tokens, for specialized cooperatives, so that in this line it is feasible for a supplier to be good on stage.
it is known as a security token, now these tokens begin to frame a part of a business contract as investors expect their profit in the medium or long term as gains, such as stable currencies linked to the value in dollars or the value in gold and even the actions of a company, at the moment imagine distributing their actions among many users around the world. The whole world through the security of a blockchain! will make your stock accessible for millions and millions of people

Thanks for reading and I hope it was useful information, and I apologize I was wrong about something because I do not speak much English


Good morning @yizus

You mind if i ask you some question?

MOBU seem to be one of very few ICOs that are completly launched as security token. I wonder why. Wouldn't it be better to come up with some utility to their tokens and launch ICO as a utility token?

And also how will they maintan the price? Does MOBU offer Masternodes or POS to attract hodlers? If I cannot use those tokens and on top of that if there is no POS/masternodes introduced into their structure ... then what would make price go up or at least stay on stable level?

Great post. Upvoted already.


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