I Have Changed My Profile Image (Bots beware, I see you now lol)

in comunity •  10 months ago

While I enjoy having my little slinky as my official icon, I felt the need to change things up a bit and make it a bit more personal on Steemit. This way everyone sees my face and it's more of an intimate exchange of ideas, more friendly sharing.

When I began on Steemit, I went with a more formal approach, but I realised that I am not formal here at all, so the personal touch of having my face I find is quite suitable for the setting here.

Also, it will help weed out the bots and the spammers from those who truly follow me. "Nice post bro," Or, "very inspiring, sir," doesn't bode well for the person who wrote that. Now they have no excuse lol While I understand some people might think I'm a guy, depending what I'm saying and how I'm saying it, writing "bro" and "sir" on a post where I have a video of me and the thumbnail has my face in big...yeah.

Also, when commenting on other people's posts, many people don't know who I am because they've never seen me on Steemit before and how can they if they don't see my face. Now, we can feel we are talking face to face XD Or at least icon to icon.

So I chose to go with a pic that I find I look really good in from several months ago, when the bleach touchup is fresh and the green goes from lighter to darker to blue and violet at the bottom areas. And somehow I really nailed my makeup in that photo too lol I mean, it's just a selfie, but damn I look good :p We all have the picture of us we feel we beautiful. A girl's gotta love her body, eh!

Below my image is my slinky that I used to have.


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Hi! It is nice to see you.

I'm using a self-portrait from about 12 years ago as a profile pic, I might need to go in photoshop and add a year or two worth of wrinkles to the image. ;)


Haha! That could work ;) It's a very nice self-portrait.

nice post bro! Your righting is great sir!
Sorry couldn't resist, actually the green hair caught my eye. A few girls at work here have it like that and I'm a bit fan.


hahaha When I started reading, I was like "am I being trolled?" lol The most epic of spam bot comments is the misspelled one "Nic post".

Green hair seems to be more rare than other colours, I find. I always have a fangirl moment whenever I see anyone with green hair.

i guest, I need to try to do the same things like you do..looks like very interesting.


Green hair, eyeshadow, and slinky. Continuity is en fuego. Tear it up. Have you seen the color teal explained in The Shape of Water? If not you're gonna love it!


Ooh, I'll have to check that out.