Breakfast in my favourite McDonalds office.

in computing •  9 months ago

I'm enjoying a mobile life style at the moment, and I don't have any problems in finding a pleasant office with free power and free WiFi. This is my workstation in my favourite McDonalds this morning. They even gave me a free bacon and egg roll and a coffee as a result of a win in the current Monopoly game. I've got two 13 amp power sockets, and two USB sockets for re-charging notebooks, cameras and other accessories. I can synchronise a full Bitcoin node, and use FTP to maintain my websites, as well as all of the standard web browsing and email requirements.

I've started to create some audio files, and I'm experimenting with Audacity to edit them. The next stage will be some video blogs. but I haven't decided on the editor for those yet. I'll probably switch to Ubuntu studio on the notebook, and uses that for a bit of video editing.

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