My Wife's Computer Build

in computers •  last year

For a long time my wife and I only had one computer and this is the same computer that I work daily on so I thought it was time to build her a computer. I wanted to build her something that was classy but not so girly it would look weird in the office. This is what I came up with. _MG_7414.jpg

So I went a little bit overboard with her computer build but I love how it came out. The silver and black looks so good with the white tubing. When the computer lights hit the paint just right you can see the layer of glitter on top of the paint as well. It has this rainbow like effect.
I did this with spray paint, I used a base layer of silver paint and then waited for it to dry and then spray painted it black and imminently layered down surround wrap to peel off part of the black leaving this marble looking pattern. After I topped it with FX by Dupli Color for that glitter effect.
Chassis Corsair Carbide Clear 600C
Graphics Cards 2x EVGA GTX 970 FTW in SLI
CPU Intel Core i7-6700K
Motherboard MSI Z170A XPOWER Gaming Titanium Edition
Memory Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB
Power Corsair RM850x
Other EK Waterblocks
Barrow Fittings
Aquacomputer airplex radiators
IceModz Cables

Overall I had a really good time making this computer and very happy with the way that it came out. This computer now spends a lot of time on social media, browsing the web and the occasional gaming session. She likes adventure style games like Shadow of War. She is happy as well!_MG_7290.jpg_MG_7387.jpg

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Wow great build sir, also looking to build one of my own in the coming months.

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Wow, tone of effort in that, great cable management to. Nice


Thanks, it was a really fun build and a lot of time went into doing the cables but it was totally worth it.


beautiful @therawview , followed you and welcome !


Thanks, I am just learning about steemit. This is only my 1st post but there will be more.

Love the clean look. I've always wanted to do a custom watercooled build but I'm always worried that I will screw up and have leaks.


You should give it a try. I build a lot of them and I have a blast doing it. As long as your perform a 24-hour leak test you have nothing to worry about. I have had water leak all over a motherboard during a leak test, so I had to take everything apart and leave everything out to dry with fans on it but everything still worked fine. If you have no electricity going through the board during the leak test you have nothing to worry about. If your computer is going to leak it is going to happen at the beginning. 24 hours allows you to see smaller leaks that might only drip a couple times over hours. feel free to ask me anything


Thanks for the tip. What brands do you recommend for the components? How often do you perform maintenance?


To make things simple you can just stick with all EK parts the 1st time around. Personal I really love BitsPower fittings for their look. Maybe once a year. They are very low maintenance once you get them up and running.