(re?)Building my P.C

in #computers6 years ago (edited)

it looks nice now but it didnt start out that way.

I had been upgrading my old P.C. over time and it started geting a little rediculous

I had to get a new power supply to handle all the add ons and i tried to clean it up a little.

But it was still a mess and it was getting outdated no matter the upgrades, it was time for some new parts

Got a new bigger case, a new gigabyte mobo and an intel i3 8100, huge upgrade from my AMD apu from 2010. so I took anything i could out of the old computer

pretty much just the power supply, dvd drive, hard drives and 2 gpu's is all that i kept. Got new corsair ddr4 ram 16gb, intel optane memory 16gb, the intel processor and the mobo and case were all new

everything fit inside the case perfectly, and it didnt look too bad when i was done putting it all together

but the big wow is the performance, holy cow what a difference. i feel like i went from AOL online to windows 10, very happy with the build.


Keep on tinkering. Upvoted :)

thanks, i cant stop, its a curse lol

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