New Competitor to Apple and Microsoft (Idea)

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We need a new large competitor in the computer and OS world. Not trashing Apple, Microsoft or PCs, lets introduce new ideas and energy into the computing sphere.

This is the idea. Any number of screen sizes from watches to phones to computers, where the computing and apps happen on the cloud. Basically swipe and keyboard touches are sent to servers where apps run and send back new views.

Basically you have a touch screen, a new kind of graphics card and hardware/software for compression. Also useful would be cache/memory for holding and helping with millions of standardized compression algorithms. Super-computing could help discover for most data, optimal compressed form.

The biggest problem is transfer time. This is solved by a new movement of spread or distributed cloud computing. If you only have to go down the block (meters vs miles) for special server computing, there may be no discernible lag. This movement may allow small-business spread-computing to spring up in unusual or rural places.

Privacy may be an important feature offered by program creators and cloud providers.


Let us realize that patents, technology and ability are largely had by mammoths in the computer space. One cannot simply make a new product, like Apple or Microsoft did, they must reinvent the wheel, dancing around already discovered techniques.

This idea is different enough perhaps to niche out its own place, competing with Intel, Microsoft, Apple, Dell, HP, etc. Still, all these listed could buy up 4% each, as a compromise to having crushing competition. Also google, non-american companies and amazon are in this space and could buy in and contribute.

Lets face it, most of these companies and others are all fighting for a similar common ground. This future niche of usability and trust. By cooperating and innovating together all invested can benefit.

Open System

Programs may run on decentralized cloud, where anyone can create them, sign them, and be rated. Maybe a blockchain system would reward and pay those who set up systems and hardware.

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We cant deny the fact that technology somehow ruled dominates the world and control the world. Thanks for sharing.


good thought thanks