Computer Best 15Tips and Tricks

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Tips 1 : To find hidden files in Pen Drive / Memory

Cards, go to the search option and search for "." All the

files will come.

Tips 2 :
GO "RUN" - Enter the tree and enter.
GO "RUN" - enter prefetch and enter (a new window will

                delete all the folders and files.

GO "RUN" - type temp and press enter. Now delete

        temporary files.

GO "RUN" - Enter% temp% and enter. Now delete

temporary files.
Click the right mouse button on each drive, click on

Tarapur Promotions, click Disk Cleanup. I hope your

computter will increase a lot. More useful for older


Tips 3: Why and how are you hanged?
If the speed of the computer processor is less than the

speed or speed.
Computers work more than RAM. Your computer is less

RAM, but you have started a large number of programs.

Then it will be.
If the connection to the computer hard disk and the

connection to the processor is not correct, the same

problem can be repeatedly
If it is hanging repeatedly, then cooling fan checks

whether it is speedy.
If there are bad sectors in the hard disk or other

hardware, then there are errors.
If there is an error on the operating system, then it

means ... a system file file is being deleted. That is why

the computer may have problems.
Usually infected with a computer virus can happen.
This is why the computer hangs more. And this virus

closes the process of some operating system files,

which causes the computer to hang out. Use high

quality anti-virus software on your computer.

RAM is fully loaded when running high graphics, and it

is possible to hang.
If the computer files are randomly arranged, then the

possibility of hanging. press the refresh and press the

tree to go to RUN.

Tips 4: If the picture is not seen in the monitor - please

confirm that the monitor is on. And check the

brightness control, and notice that it's set just like that.

Check all the monitor's connections and check whether

the surge protector and surge protector is turned on.

Tips 5 : After some time click Run from Run and type

the tree. It increases the RAM performance.

Tips 6: Open the Task Manager by pressing Ctrl + Alt +

Delete or right-clicking on the taskbar and clicking on

the task manager. Then click Processes. You can see a

list of many programs. Select programs that are not

currently useful and click End Process and close it.

Restart your computer, if it is a problem, and if there is

any problem with the operating system.

Tips 7: Have two partitions on your hard disk and

install in seconds all large Softwares (like PSP,

Photoshop, 3DS Max etc). Keep your C Drive as empty

as possible for Windows so that you can use your C

drive as virtual memory after Windows RAM is full.

Tips 8: Do not open any application until your PC is

fully booted.

Tips 9: After closing any application, refresh your

desktop by pressing F5, which will remove unused files

from your PC's RAM.

Tips 10: Do not use too large file size image as desktop

wallpaper.Do not keep extra shortcuts on the desktop.

You know that every shortcut used on the desktop is up

to 500 bytes of RAM.

Tips 11: Keep your desktop recycle bin empty every

day. The files are not really deleted from your hard


Tips 12: After every 1 or 2 months, open the computer

and remove all the parts.
Open the ram and remove it by thin cotton.
Do not keep anything heavy on the computer.
During the night, shut down the computer.
UPS should be used so that the computer does not

stop when the power is gone.
Antivirus should be used to remove computer viruses.
Put the computer in a light-air place.
Monitor every day, especially LCD monitors once in a

Many people keep a separate screen on the CPU while

running the computer so that the dirt does not enter.

There is more harm in this.
Set the wallpaper as a wallpaper, which gives comfort

to your eyes. The smaller the wallpaper size, the better

the speed of your computer.
Keep regular 'cooling fan' clean.

Tips 13: The computer becomes slow when computers

are low. By increasing virtual memory, the computer

speed can be increased slightly. To increase the virtual

memory, first go to My Computer by clicking on the

right button and going to Properties. Now click on

Advance and click on Performance Settings. Click on

Advance again. Now by clicking on change, when new

window arrives, enter the initial size and maximum size

of your size and click on set and press ok. But initial

size is twice the size of your computer's Rare size and

it's better to give the round-shaped four-magnificent


Tips 14:When uninstalling any software ... go to the

control panel. Click Add or Remove. Click Add /

Remove windows components. Uncheck the programs

that are available from the left side of the new window.

Then select Accessories and Utilities and click Details.

Uncheck the programs that are not useful to you from

the new window, and click OK. Now click on next.

Successful meassage Click Finish.

Tips 15: Turn on the computer with the keyboard
We usually start the computer by pressing the CPU's

power button. But in many cases, if there is any

problem in the power button, it is very difficult to start

the computer. If we want, we can start the computer

very easily by using the keyboard without pressing the

CPU's power button. For this, at the time the computer

starts, press the Del button from the keyboard and

enter Bios. Then select Power Management Setup and

press Enter. Now select Power on my keyboard and

enter it. Select Password and enter Enter. Enter the

password as a password in the Enter Password (F10).

Now press the password key from the keyboard to start

the computer. This method applies to the motherboard

motherboard. This method can also be found on other


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