gene manipulation! we had an interesting podcast a few weeks ago involving the AGE project. Which will be an online gene repository that is stored on a blockchain and allows you to manually manipulate and experiment with your own genes. AI would be great, but it will take a few thousand years before we figure out how to make computers that are as efficient as humans/animals. I mean, we eat sandwiches to create energy. Computers need power plants.

Not necessarily with quantum computers ai would be very much possible with something as powerful as that. And Gene manipulation sounds really interesting, how would it be done practically though?

It's already possible to mimic neural networks that create "intelligence". That's not what I'm talking about. I mean, even if we designed a super intelligent artificial brain, a human would still be more efficient. Simply because we use way less power to be active. Current quantum computers need to be super-cooled in order to function properly, they also need high intensity laser pulses and alternating magnetic waves in order to create the gates that enable it to function. All of which requires a tremendous amount of energy. And they get this energy from huge power plants. All this, just to recreate human intelligence? It's a waste of resources.

I mentioned gene therapy because that's how we will become immortal. I am not a geneticist, so I can't really explain the specifics. But you're welcome to check out the AGE project yourself here.

I do get what your saying but say we created a super quantum computer, we would be able to use it to make energy systems way more efficient and even discover the formula for nuclear fusion that would solve all energy needs. And I will do!